Global Week

Global Week was initiated by Chitkara University in 2013. An endeavor that began in the spring of 2013 with approximately six professors of various nationalities delivering lectures to engineering students has since expanded to the following astounding magnitudes. Enhancing student mobility across campuses, and expanding faculty exchange opportunities. A significant amount of attention is currently being given to Collaborative Research, with Global Week serving as a springboard. Global Week is an exemplary manifestation of Chitkara University's dedication to cultivating an intellectually invigorating atmosphere. This occasion not only fosters a sense of academic distinction but also cultivates in its participants an inclination towards inquisitiveness, originality, and cooperation. The university is devoted to fostering an environment where ideas thrive and diverse perspectives converge. The occasion holds the potential to be an indelible encounter that not only enhances understanding but also motivates students to make significant contributions to their specific disciplines.

Some snippets of the various Global Weeks

An initiative which was built with only 06 odd Professors coming in from different nationalities in the spring of 2013 to teach Engineering students, has now grown with staggering numbers as below:












Besides teaching Undergraduate students, the other tangibles include submission / sanction of joint research projects, organising joint conferences like ICAN (, improved chances of mobility of students across campuses and increased opportunities of Faculty exchanges.

Using GW as a launching pad, a lot of focus is now being given on Collaborative Research as well.

Chitkara University Gears Up For The 14th Global Week 2024
Disciplines for 14th Global Week

12th Feb - 16th Feb 2024

(Animation, Communication, UI/UX, Fashion)

Journalism and Mass Communication

Architecture and Interior Design

About Chitkara University

Chitkara University, India

Chitkara University is a government-recognized university with the rights to confer degrees as per the Sections2 (f) and 22(1) of the UGC Act, 1956. The genesis of Chitkara University is deeply rooted in the academic credentials of its founders who have always placed student’s interest and success as the major mission of the institution.

At Chitkara University, we have taken a lead in the arena of international education by partnering with some leading schools of the world. Apart from partnerships in the space of academic articulations, students exchanges, study abroad etc. We spend a lot of resources and time to keep these relationships meaningful and sustainable. This consistent effort has seen a considerable student and faculty mobility that has enriched academic journey of all stakeholders.

Each partnership is equally nurtured and valued so that they can produce tangible benefits to each of the partnering institutions. Global Week has been one of our endeavors which have paid rich dividends for all participants. For the last 7 years, Global Week has grown from strength to strength, both in terms of number of International participants and the value it generates for the students and faculty.

While our students’ experience internationalization of education at their door step, our International partners get an opportunity to understand our evolving academic excellence, an interface with our students and faculty and most importantly, bringing the world closer. The learning and networking at the Global Week paves way for stronger ties and avenues of further associations. The visiting faculties' deliver credit-based modules while we try to indulge them in the social cultural flavors of India. The exposure at the Global Week helps our students to gain an international perspective into evolving academic pedagogies that helps them to map their academic journey in different parts of the world and the academic institutions that they are exposed to at the Global week.

The visiting delegates develop a level of affinity with our students and Chitkara University and these insights go a long way to spread and share the experience they have accumulated with their peers and students at their respective institutions. This initiative of internationalization at home has provided the requisite impetus to our aspiring students and faculty members for undertaking student and faculty exchanges based upon the professional and personal relationships that they forge at Global Week. We welcome all of our existing and prospective international partners to come and experience the phenomenon of Global Week and we promise you that your attendance for the first time will bring you back for many more in the future.

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Hazel Siromoni
Pro-Vice Chancellor
Office of International Affairs