ICAN2024 is going to be the 4th edition of the International Conference on Computing, Analytics and Networks and it is going to focus on a wide range of diverse applications in computing, analytics and networks. Broadly, these contemporary application areas include Data Engineering; Cyberphysical, Embedded, & IoT systems; Computer & Information Technology; and Security & Privacy. The details about the conference tracks and subtopics in each of the identified track are given below.

Prospective authors must see these sub-topics as indicative application areas. If any of the prospective authors have carried out good work in any other application areas of computing, analytics and networks that are not listed below, they are still welcome to submit their work to ICAN2024.

ICAN2024 solicit high impact, high quality, original and unpublished work related to one of the application areas of computing, analytics and networks. To submit, visit SUBMIT PAPER Page.

SNCS Journal Special Issue
Unleashing the Advances in ICT for Digital Transformation through Data Engineering and Data Analytics
SNCS Journal Special Issue
Resilient Cybersecurity Technology Advancements for Next Generation Ubiquitous and Emerging Applications in Cyber Physical Systems
Track 1 - Data Engineering for Advanced Analytics
Track Chair: Dr Saravjeet Singh (Chitkara University, Punjab)
Track 2 - Advances in Computer and Information Technology
Track Chair – Dr Neha Sharma (Chitkara University, Punjab)
Track 3 - Integrated Cyber-Physical and IoT Systems
Track Chair – Dr Srikanta Kumar Mohapatra (Chitkara University, Punjab)
Track 4 - Cyber Security and Resilience
Track Chair – Dr Richa Vijay (Chitkara University, Punjab)
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent System Parallel processing Cyberphysical systems and Agriculture Data Security Automation
Machine Learning, Adaptive Learning and Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Information retrieval Cyberphysical systems and Healthcare Domain-Specific data Security & Privacy
Deep Learning and Neural Networks Information Systems Cyberphysical systems and Transportation Security using advanced computational approaches
Data Mining & Data Visualization and Knowledge Discovery Image and Speech Processing Cyberphysical systems and Education Threat Intelligence and Incident Response
Big Data Analytics Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX) Wireless Sensor Networks, Vehicular Networks Identity and Access Management
Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Generative AI Quantum Computing and Information Theory Cloud and IoT , IoT Device Development and Protocol Security Operations and Monitoring
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Educational Technology and E-Learning QoS in IoT systems, Social and Ethical Implications of IoT Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance
Data Visualization and Interpretability Green Computing and Energy-Efficient Algorithms Embedded Systems Design Architecture, IoT Architectures Cyber Security and Data Protection
Business Intelligence and Decision Support System Natural Computing Edge and Fog Computing Emerging Technologies in Cybersecurity
Expert System and Future Trends in Data Science Distributed System and Computing Sensing and Actuation in Cyber Physical System and IoT Blockchain and applications
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Multi-Core and Multi-Processor Systems Software-defined network and Virtual Network Function Security Automation and Orchestration
Robotics and Autonomous Systems Cross-Platform Operating Systems Named Data Networking (NDN), Resilient Routing Protocols Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Cybersecurity: