Success Stories

Caretech360 Private Limited

Caretech360 Private Limited (Carewell360), founded by Mr. Gaurav Bali, is a promising startup mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation. CareWell360 was launched in April 2022 with a vision to empower women to achieve better health outcomes for themselves (& their families) covering their entire lifespan (from Puberty to Menopause) with a “Whole Woman Whole Life” approach. CareWell360 is a one stop platform which enables Gynecology through technology with a focus on women in Tier2 & 3 geographies. The startup aims to fundamentally alter the way gynecology is perceived, discovered & consumed in India. The startup provides end to end support starting from awareness, consultation, diagnostics & surgery facilitation & aim to do this through a subscription based technology driven hyperlocal last mile care delivery model backed by a robust network of Hospitals, Clinicians, Doctors, Paramedics & Diagnostic chains. The startup was recognized amongst Top 25 most innovative startups by IM Punjab & runners up in “What An Idea-Startup Challenge” Mohali Mission. The startup has received a funding of INR 5 Lakhs under Startup India Seed fund scheme.

Sabera Healthcare Private Limited

Sabera Healthcare Private Limited founded by Ms. Tanisha Das, is a promising startup mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation. In India, around 36 crore women out of the entire female population are between the ages of 15 and 50. 7 out of 10 women experience personal hygiene discomfort, amounting to nearly 25 crore women, with vaginal infection being the major cause of discomfort. To address this issue, Startup has created amulti-pathogen point-of-care devicefor the quick identification of vaginal infection. The diagnostic test allows for ongoing monitoring of the course of treatment. The kit reduces turnaround time (TAT) in resource-constrained settings allowing diagnosis and treatment to be performed in a single visit and minimizing the chance of infection worsening. The startup has received a funding of INR 10 Lakhs under Startup India Seed fund scheme.

M-Lense Research Pvt. Ltd

M-Lense Research Pvt. Ltd.( Founded by Dhruv Tomar and Rajat Jain), a startup mentored and supported by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation, Chitkara University has developed a single-use, disposable milk adulteration testing card that can help people find out more than 14 types of milk adulterants instantly and cost-effectively with just one drop of the milk without any expertise and lab set-up.The startup is recently featured and appreciated by Forbes India, Startup India, Pusa Krishi Incubator(New Delhi).

The founders of M-Lense Research Pvt. Ltd are determined to safeguard people from having fouled dairy products. The startup has received a funding of INR 6 Lakhs under DST Nidhi Prayas scheme.

Emprex Energies Pvt. Ltd

Emprex Energies Pvt. Ltd, founded by Mr. Ayush Gupta, is a promising startup mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation Emprex Energies Pvt. Ltd is a technology based startup, recognized by Government of India under their Startup India Initiative. Emprex Energies is creating a platform to enable community shared Renewable Energy Infrastructure, providing people with green and affordable energy. The startup founders are taking future ready steps by using the latest Technologies and Methodologies like Blockchain. The aim of the startup is to bring more pace to the solar adoption curve in an highly optimized manner with micro monitoring, thus increasing production and system life cycle. The startup has received a funding of INR 10 Lakhs under Startup India Seed fund scheme.

Anukai Solutions Private Limited

Anukai Solutions Private Limited is a promising start up mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation. The startup was founded by the faculty of Chitkara University, Mr. Gaurav Goyal. The startup works in the domain of Urban Mobility for Smart Cities, and provides “Integrated Traffic Management & Road Infrastructure planning” solutions that not only help to decongest traffic but also provide high quality & real-time traffic movement insights to potential businesses. The startup has played a crucial role in reducing the average wait time of commuters at traffic signals by approximately 15%. Punjab state government has adopted the product developed by the startup and the systems are getting installed at different locations of Punjab. Currently, Anukai is at a growing stage where they have raised an investment from Pre-Series Funding, and will be completing installations of 8 nodes in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Seacup Visionaries Products Private Limited

Seacup Visionaries Products Private Limited is a promising startup mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation. The startup was founded by the two alumni of Chitkara University, Mr. Shubham Goyal and Mr. Aniket Bhardwaj. The startup is engaged in designing & developing of lightweight electric vehicles with an exclusive range of cargo ebikes, city ebikes, ebike components, charging infrastructure etc for personal mobility and business applications. Shubham and Aniket had a dream of making the next generation e-bikes. It was 2017, e-bikes were already in vogue in Europe, especially Amsterdam and Paris. Getting on the bandwagon was a risky proposition but alumni of Chitkara University were determined to make a wholesome commitment to sustainability and plunged into the business of building e-bikes. That is how their e-bike ZADD was born. The startup is poised to launch its cargo bike, ZADD Utility, in the market with Reliance, Big basket, ITC as their clients for hyper local deliveries. The startup is coming with their new launches - ZADD Fleet and ZADD X1. The vision of the company is to make mobility greener without compromising on technology and convenience. ZADD bikes are dedicated to meet the commuting needs of millions of people in urban areas. With efficient design and smart technology, ZADD bikes are committed to provide a holistic riding experience.

Uengage Services Pvt Ltd

Uengage Services Private Limited is a promising start mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation. The startup was founded by the alumni of Chitkara University, Mr. Sameer Sharma. Uengage is a technology platform for restaurants and food establishments with primary focus on enabling low cost online ordering solutions. Uengage aims to disrupt restaurant ordering marketing in India, which is currently dominated by 3rd party aggregator platforms. Uengage has enabled restaurants to stay ahead in technology space without dependency on aggregators and high commissions of third party apps. With 2.5 Million+ end users across its ecosystem, Uengage has become the first choice for food delivery apps on both Android and ioS Play stores. Various brands like Uncle Jack’s, La Pino’z Pizza, Jaguar, Buffet Hut, Unacademy, Bridgestone, Petu Pankaj etc are taking services of Uengage.


SchoolPad is a successful startup mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation (CIIF), Chitkara University. The startup was founded by Mr. Abhiraj Malhotra, a student of Chitkara University in 2013. Schoolpad is India’s most trusted school management software which helps schools in working more efficiently by digitizing and automating daily tasks and improving parental involvement through better parent-teacher communication. 8000+ educators use Schoolpad’s School Management Software every day to organize and manage their students’ progress and keep parents informed. 200+ schools across 17 states are actively taking the services of School Pad from the last 8 years. The schoolpad software is being used by 7,00,000+ Parents and students. Some of the key statistics of the startup are as following

  • Updates Shared with Parents: 5, 00,000+
  • Parent-Teacher Conversations: 1, 11,000+
  • Students Profile Managed: 1, 50,000+
  • Report Cards Generated: 1, 00,000+
  • Online Fee Transactions: 45,000+

Chai Nagri

Chai Nagri is another successful startup mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation. The company was founded by Mr. Divam Wadhwa, a student of Computer Science engineering at Chitkara University in 2018. Divam Wadhwa conceived the idea of starting their venture "CHAI NAGRI” during the third year of their Computer Science engineering at Chitkara University with the aim to achieve the dream of making his very own Indian Chai, the most popular beverage in the world. Chai Nagri, is an emerging brand in the Food & Beverages industry. Chai Nagri is a one stop destination for freshly brewed multiple variants of best quality traditional Indian Chai’s at the most affordable prices. Chai Nagri offers a unique combination of taste, flavor and ambience at an unmatched quality and affordable price makes it a brand of choice. It offers more than 20 types of Chai & multiple Tea snacks to cater the needs of everyone. The 90% products offered by Chai Nagri cost less than Rs 100. Initial space & live customer base was supported by Chitkara Incubation Centre in 2018. The journey began when Divam approached Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation (CIIF) for the trial of their services project. The management of Chitkara University granted space and live customer base at Chitkara university innovation incubator located at Panchkula, which provided a platform to Divam to understand the technicalities of business and gave an opportunity to learn, relearn and excel. Chai Nagri is currently operating at 30+ locations Pan India. Divam Wadhwa with his team is aiming to open 100+ branches Pan India by 2024.

Skilllabs Resource Services Pvt. Ltd

SkillLabs Resource Services Pvt. Ltd is a successful Ed-Fintech startup mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation (CIIF), Chitkara University and it is an approved startup from Department of Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT), Government of India. The Startup was founded by Dr. Himesh Sharma who left a cushy job at a senior level role in a TATA group company to transform his dream of providing employment to youth into a reality. The main aim behind the startup was to identify and address some burning issues in the society like poor employability of youth and low financial literacy levels amongst individuals and small business owners (MSMEs). The startup aims at integrating student learning with development of small businesses through a uniquely designed model. The startup has provided meaningful career opportunities to more than 2200 students so far and trained more than 3800 individuals and MSMEs on financial education and business competence building programs. The startup aims to touch 30000 students and MSMEs in the next 3 years to make a stronger impact by creating employability and providing financial awareness and affordable access to credit. The startup collaborated with Chitkara University and trained a number of students in financial education and business competence building programs. The startup is one of the recipients of a grant worth 3 Lakhs given by Startup Himachal.

SD Fine Arts

SD Fine Arts is another successful startup mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation. SD Fine Art was started in 2015 solely by Mr. Sharad Dabra- an engineer by education & artist by profession. He completed his graduation in electronics and communication engineering from Chitkara University in the year 2015. He started an online art portal where one can order fine hand sketched/ hand painted portraits which are crafted by a team of fine artists having specialization in different art forms and the artwork will be delivered at one’s doorstep within a specific duration of time. In 2019, Mr. Sharad Dabra, along with his 11 member’s team, stepped into Art education with “SD Academia '' & their new centre in the heart of Chandigarh, sector 8 was inaugurated by Honorable Pro Chancellor of Chitkara University Dr. Madhu Chitkara. In 2020, their art education portal ( is running in full swing and by 2024 they are aiming to open branches in 30+ cities in Pan India. The startup has been incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation. Some of the key statistics are as following:

  • No of students guided online plus offline: 5200
  • No of Art based kits delivered: 3100
  • No of cities covered offline: 19
  • No of cities covered online: Pan India


Robochamps is a successful Ed-Tech startup mentored and incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation (CIIF), Chitkara University. The startup was founded by Mr. Akshay Ahuja, a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Chitkara University. India has always been a country, where an utmost importance is given to education. For Indians, books are the only medium for a good education. But, Akshay Ahuja, alumni of Chitkara University, always cherished a distinct dream about the Indian education system. He always thought of enhancing the knowledge of the kids beyond textbooks. Thus, he founded Robochamps in 2014, an Ed-Tech startup that aims to develop 21st century skills among school students. Akshay's vision is to transform the education regime by taking students to the realms of practical and hands-on-learning. He aims to strengthen the future of the young minds with logic-based learning especially during the very initial years of their lives. Akshay aims at bringing Artificial Intelligence to every classroom in India. Robochamps introduces kids to coding and robotics and their applications in day-to-day life. For the past six years, Akshay and his team at Robochamps, has been working rigorously to make his dream come true. His success reflects from the parents, who have started understanding the importance of coding and robotics for their kids. His success also reflects from the schools that have made his vision as their own.

The startup has collaborated with 1000+ schools across the country for imparting robotics education. Also the startup has reached to 100000 + students for robotics education and robotics competitions.Also 250+ educational academies have tied up with startup and startup is giving services in 100+ cities across India.