Startups under Nidhi Prayas

Nidhi Prayas Startups List 2022-23

Sr. No Startup Name CIN No Name of Innovator Brief about the startup Sector Product/Service Name
1 Mednovate Private Limited U33119DL2022PTC402925 Arita Abrol The startup is developing a Proprietary Respiratory NIV Mask with Tube Insertion Port for Enteral Nutrition and/or other purposes MedTech Proprietary Respiratory NIV Mask
2 Nettoyer Automotives Private Limited U34300PN2019PTC186036 Ravindra Joshi The startup is developing rare earth free traction motors. Automotive Rare earth free traction motors .
3 Cellsinvitro Lifesciences Private Limited U85499PB2023PTC060071 Satyam Aggarwal The Startup is  developing point of care testing kits  for the detection of  Cancerous/Cancerous Conditions MedTech Saliva-based Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) for Pre-Cancerous/Cancerous Conditions
4 Exergy Innovations Private Limited U28999HR2020PTC091159 Prabhjot Singh The startup is making smart furnances Environment Smart Furnance for Industrial Applications
5 Milkywhey innovations Private Limited U10504MH2023PTC409931 Meenu Singh Panesar The startup is developing a device for milk testing and processing . HealthTech Milk testing and processing device