Startups under Nidhi Prayas

Nidhi Prayas Startups List 2021-22

Sr. No Startup Name CIN No Name of Innovator Brief about the startup Sector Product/Service Name
1 Abyom Space Tech & Defence Private Limited U73100UP2021PTC146359 Jainul Abedin Abyom Portable Micro Level Rocket Engine Testing System Aerospace Rocket Testing Engine
2 M-Lense Research Private Limited U24299UP2020PTC135408 Dhruv Tomar PaperPro: A milk Adulteration Testing Card Healthcare Milk adulteration testing Card
3 Aumsat Technologies LLP AAQ-8083 Ridhish Soni Water leaks detection, tracking, prediction, forecast, estimation, and remediation by novel non-invasive techniques for irrigation management. Water Management  Durable water-softener kit
4 Techno Orchard LLP ABB-9081 Rafia Mustaq Development of Automated Robotic Pruner and Pruning Model for High Density Apple Plantation using Sensor based Artificial Intelligence Agritech Smart Pruner for Apple Orchards
5 Green Innovotech Solutions Private Limited U38210PB2023PTC058592 Harjeet Singh The startup is developing solar thermal powered waste plastic pyrolysis system CleanTech Solar thermal powered Pyrolysis system
6 Sumiom Innovations Private Limited U86909DL2023PTC417771 Dr Sumit Phukela The startup is making smart wheelchair for patients. Healthcare Smart Wheelchair