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Business studies are very much in demand these days, as all we care about in life is money, success, and happiness. With the best business schools, you can certainly learn more and get the best background for your career, also for all your future plans. Choosing the best BBA Colleges in India must be paramount for you, as it is a three-year investment and your choice will impact your entire career. Besides, doing BBA has a lot of hopes as you can grab many opportunities in many fields of business. With a very huge job offer.

The study of business should be for everyone and a primary subject. However, what is business administration, and what are the details of BBA courses? Let’s look at it in detail.

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What is Business Administration?

Business administration is a program offered by colleges or the best business schools which helps students learn the solid basics of business and apply them in business and in life. When you talk about business administration in business, it is the use of human, material, financial, and time resources to achieve specific goals and objectives. And that includes all areas of finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, and operations.

You will focus on the day-to-day operations of a business, such as managing teams, motivating teams, organizing and supervising staff, recruiting, reporting, and planning and executing long-term strategies and projects.

What are BBA Colleges Courses Details?

The BBA is a three-year full-time undergraduate course in business administration. It is open to all students from different fields of study, such as science, arts, and commerce. It offers broad training and knowledge in leadership and management to help the student cope with the management position and better understand entrepreneurship.

Chitkara Business School offers different types of BBA specialisation, such as Fintech (finance technology), Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Supply chains and logistics, and retail operations.

  • BBA in Fintech trains the student to have knowledge and practice in finance and technology while developing quantitative and analytical skills with the supervision of academic and industry experts.

But, you might ask, what is fintech? Fintech is the use of technology to bring about vastly improved innovation in financial activities. And now we can see that it is disrupting traditional financial services such as payments, bank transfers, powerful new algorithms, and the use of new data and mobile applications. And this is thanks to the integration of technology. So now Fintech is known to be the most important and fast-growing industry in the global economy.

At the Chitkara Business Schools program, you will see 3 years of course modules to help you through it.

First-year course module

Foundation Courses in Finance and Technology

  • Business Statistics and Mathematics
  • Interdisciplinary Courses
  • General Management Courses
  • Social Responsibility Project

Second-year course module

  • Management Functional Domain Courses.
  • Entrepreneurship development Courses
  • Industry Review project
  • Industry Mentoring programs

Third-Year course module

  • Business/research distribution
  • Intensive Industry Immersion Program
  • Technology Applied Advanced Finance Courses
  • Value Added Certificate Courses

And some key expertise offered also

  • Financial Analysis and Risk Management
  • Process Improvement Using Blockchain
  • Big Data Handling Using AI & Machine Learning
  • Financial Data Modelling Using Python and R
  • Technological Agility
  • Applied Quantitative Finance for Trading and Portfolio Management
  • BBA in Business Analytics will help prepare students to use the power of data analysis to forecast business trends and make predictions.

Indeed, if you do business analysis, you will learn to simplify complex data so that it is understood and clear. And this is very useful for making better decisions in the business. After all, all decisions are very important and one mistake can be very costly. This requires a lot of analytical skills and data software to work.

Find here the program offered by Chitkara Business School.

  • Fundamental courses: where students learn the general business overview with Business Analytics, Statistics, Advanced Excel, Economics, Basic Statistics, Marketing Management, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing Research, and Organisational Behaviour.
  • Competitive Advantage courses where the student applies and solves business problems with the Digital Marketing Analytics & Customer Analytics courses.
  • Functional Expertise where you will see expertise in marketing applied to the business world, such as product and brand management, global marketing, integrated marketing communications, consumer behavior, digital marketing, and services marketing.
  • In-depth courses delivered by EY, where experts will teach you applied statistics and the use of Excel for analytics, cloud data warehousing, exploratory analytics in Python, predictive modeling in Python, machine learning and artificial intelligence in Python, data visualization, and storytelling in Bi and blockchain.
  • Experiential learning through projects on cloud-based data infrastructure, building data infrastructure from an industrial database: Building an HR, finance, manufacturing, and business intelligence dashboard.
  • BBA in Digital Marketing teaches students advanced advertising and marketing methods through digital technologies. It will help them understand and have a holistic view of e-business, promotion, and social media execution.

See below for an overview of the Digital Marketing program courses

  • Understanding the digital marketing landscape and the customer funnel

You’ll learn about digital marketing across ad networks, on-demand platforms, the interaction between advertisers and data management, agencies and publishers, and the ability to assess your customers’ needs and key marketing objectives.

  • Assessing opportunities in paid digital media. You will learn how to promote on digital platforms, and understand display ads, paid media, search engine marketing, email marketing, video marketing, social media ads, and mobile ads.
  • Assessing opportunities in digital media of your own, you will understand digital properties, the organization’s website, blog, or social media pages, search engine optimization, content marketing,
  • Implementing an integrated digital marketing plan: you will learn how to combine paid and proprietary media to create a highly effective marketing plan. And that will optimize and boost performance.
  • BBA in Supply Chain and Logistics teaches students the fundamentals of supply chain management from a company-wide perspective and the study of all logistics processes and the effects of operations.
  • In this study, you will learn about lean supply chain, warehousing, performance-based logistics, transportation management, strategic sourcing, constraint management, supply chain network design, and demand management. And it will help you to assess, analyze, manage and improve the supply chain process.
  • BBA in Retail Operations is a program focused on specialization in the traditional and digital retail function. And with an application and acquisition of strategic thinking, organizational development, advanced communication skills, and market planning.
  • As part of this program, you will get direct access to hands-on exposure in retail shops or businesses, related to the industry, where they earn a company stipend. And this leads to a direct placement after the study. Thus, the focus is on practice and theory at the same time.

We at Chitkara University are proud to be the best BBA college in India, as we provide a good environment for our students to provide the best education and to be ready in the job market with the best placement.

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