What makes Chitkara university one of the top universities in India?

the top universities in India

Chitkara university one of the top Universities in India: Whatever decision we take in life, happens to affect us in so many ways beyond our imagination. Take an example of education: when it comes to education, the school your parents or guardians admitted you to, has played a very crucial part in your life. It has shaped you into the person you are today and has given you memories of a lifetime. As is evident, it was not just the lessons learned in school or the books you read, but the friends you made, the memories with them, and the teachers you interacted with, which has an effect on your overall personality, whether directly or indirectly, whether a little or a lot!

What makes Chitkara university one of the top universities?

In a similar way, each and every choice we make affects us in one way or the other. Discussing higher education, the choice of university or college is very important, not just for career or professional life but for overall individual development. The experiences that your college years give you, can not be compared to anything else. In fact, no one experience can be balanced out with some other.

Here, we are narrowing down our focus on one of the top universities in India, Chitkara University, and what makes it stand out:

Variety of Courses to choose from

The main features of a good college/ university include ‘courses for everyone. It means the university takes care of a wide range of interests, ranging from medicine to management to finance to fashion. Chitkara University caters to this variety of choices and has a list of options for everyone.

If you are from a science background and want to pursue higher studies in the same field, then the options you have here include engineering courses, where you can choose from B.Tech. in Computer science, mechanical, electrical, civil, etc. or health sciences courses, pharmaceuticals, computer application programs, nursing, etc.

Apart from that, the university offers a list of B.Sc. courses as well. With science, it has a long index of options for hospitality, hotel management, design, business, accounting, journalism, mass communication, architecture, and more courses to choose from as well!

Knowing your options help you discover your true interest more easily, and what’s better than finding all such choices at one place!

High Placement Rate at Chitkara University

Not only that it offers a variety of courses, but it is also known to have a high placement rate as well. That means, even after you have completed your degree, you do not need to worry about running for off-campus interviews, or searching for a good job at a reputed company because Chitkara University takes care of all that as well.

It has a record with over 500 recruiters including Amazon, Oracle, Maruti, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, etc. That’s not it; the university also offers a wide range of opportunities for internship programs, for most of its courses. Internships are a key to gaining experience for securing an even better job after the degree, and the university supervises this very important aspect.

Highly Experienced Faculty

A university is known for its faculty and teaching methodologies; Chitkara University is known to be run by highly experienced faculty and advanced teaching methods. Here, it’s not just the theoretical knowledge that is focused upon, but also practical and application-based learning which helps to gain a better & clear understanding of the subject. For long-term career and professional life, it is very important that one doesn’t just remember the facts but also understand, apply, and evaluate the concepts behind them.

The infrastructure of Chitkara University

With a campus area of over 50 acres, modern technology ICT equipment, amphitheater-like classrooms, and computer and laboratory facilities, the university is built with excellent infrastructure promoting a dynamic and focused atmosphere. Cafeterias, banks, libraries, and hostels are well-equipped with internet facilities to ensure a pleasant experience throughout. The libraries offer study materials in a variety of formats including books films to multimedia. They have a collection of a large number of reference books, manuals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and whatnot! The cafeterias have professionally set menus, to offer a nutritious and balanced diet. Not only that, Chitkara University has tie-ups with renowned hospitals, to help their students in case of any kind of medical emergency, covering medical insurance also.

Extra-Curricular Activities at Chitkara University

It is very true that for overall personality development, as much as syllabus, curriculum, and academic studies are important, extra-curricular activities are equally necessary. Not only do they make your college life memorable, but give you life-long experiences to cherish. They promote new learnings, encourage you to step out of your usual comfort zone, and sometimes, help you discover your passion. More often than not, students actively participating in extracurricular activities along with their regular degree, end up pursuing that activity professionally as well, earning from what they really love doing.

Chitkara University organizes multiple fests throughout the year and includes clubs like drama, music, robotics, etc. for students to explore their non-academic interests.
Research and Innovation

Chitkara University promotes “Ideate Innovate Excel” by fostering innovation, research, and entrepreneurship. In today’s world where small businesses can grow at a rapid pace through digital and social media, the university makes sure students connect with appropriate opportunities throughout their college years, and invest in start-up culture if their interests lie in a similar field. Chitkara University is known to have links with over 500 venture capitalists to make it even easier for its students to follow their dreams.

When academics and extracurriculars add up together, it makes a great combo. Everything ranging from courses, infrastructure, faculty, extracurricular activities, placements, and teaching methods combine to yield what we call a ‘top’ university. With its name, discipline, principles, and diverse cultural involvement, Chitkara University is, indeed, one of the ‘Top’ universities in India.

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