15 Top Courses with high Salary After 12th for Commerce Students

Commerce Students

Courses with high Salary After 12th: Whatever the field of study in 11th or 12th for a student, the number of options for courses, after 12th, can often be confusing. Even after choosing a course of interest, the career options that a particular course opens are so many, that sometimes they don’t even realize the pool of opportunities they have for them! This is why it is very crucial to know one’s possibilities and choices, more than it is important to actually select the best.

Top 15 Courses with high Salary After 12th for Commerce Students

Here, we are focusing on some of the top courses, after the 12th, which offer high salaries in the long term career market, for commerce students:

Below are 15 Courses with High Salary:

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

A three-year degree course covering statistics, accounting, management, economics, marketing, etc. Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most popular courses among students, after 12th. Some of the top career options that this course opens are business analyst, digital marketer, chartered account (CA); or one can even go for masters in the same field, for better career opportunities in the long run. Pursuing this course from top universities like Chitkara University proves to be one of the best decisions of commerce students when it comes to placements, proper guidance, and exposure.

Bachelor of Economics

Economics is, undoubtedly, one of the most loved subjects in 12th for commerce students, and most of them wish to pursue it for higher studies. Not only the depth of knowledge that this offers, but the career options that open up after this course are also huge in number, including banker, market analyst, finance analyst, economist, financial risk manager, etc.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Management courses come in the top choices, not only for commerce students but students from any field of study. This is major because of the creative side of this course and also the fact that every industry/ business needs management people to run the organization in the long run. The topmost career options include sales executive, HR (Human Resource) manager, market analyst, financial analyst, business development analyst, etc; or one can even opt for higher management courses like MBA to open even better career options with a higher salary.

Bachelor of Business Administration: International Business

Just like BBA, BBA-IB is an industry-based course that focuses more on foreign markets. When it comes to the Indian economic context, it relates Indian economics and business with foreign trade. The topmost opportunities after this course include global business manager, consultant, international logistics controller, distribution manager, finance manager, etc.

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

For in-depth finance and accounting knowledge, commerce students often pursue courses like B.A.F: Bachelor of Accounting and Finance. Financial analysis and accounting skills are often required in each and every industry, be it commerce or not, so this gives rise to a lot of career opportunities and companies to choose from in the long run. Top options include accountant, financial risk manager, tax consultant, chartered accountant (CA) etc.

Bachelor in Financial Market

Bachelor of Commerce in the financial market (B.F.M.) include subjects like finances in the ongoing market like taxes, stocks, bonds, etc. If you are interested in advanced studies about equity markets, foreign exchange etc, then this can be one of your course options. The career opportunities here include finance manager, financial planning consultant, financial risk manager, etc., all of these job profiles are often seen in each and every business firm because every industry requires finance management, in one or the other form.

Bachelor of Law (B.A. L.L.B.)

This course involves subjects like Property laws, corporate laws, banking laws, constitution, etc. and if you are someone who is keen to study law after commerce, Bachelor of Law is the course for you. This opens a wide range of career options like corporate counsellor, legal analyst, advocate, litigation lawyer, law teacher, etc.

Journalism and Mass Communication

One of the top choices of commerce students after 12th, has to be Journalism and mass communication, which is indeed a creative option to go for. Students interested in working with print media or digital media, media houses etc. can opt for this three-year course to gain the exposure and degree required. Digital marketing, content editor, event manager, radio jockey, etc. are just some of the creative career options that are available after this course.

Chartered Accountancy (C.A.)

Though one can pursue the profession of C.A. after any major commerce course like B.Com. etc, C.A. in itself is a professional course that students go for after 12th. The subjects include taxes, law, costing management, etc. and it is known to be a bit more difficult than general commerce courses.

Company Secretary (C.S.)

To study law and other theoretical subjects after commerce in 12th, the company secretary (C.S.) course is one of the top choices for students. It is also a professional course which is known to be conducted by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Students learn about legal compliances of companies and other functioning units after successfully completing this course.

Certified Financial Planner (C.F.P.)

Personal finance, wealth management, financial planning and management, are just some of the broad subjects that one studies under this popular course. The top career options that open up are financial planner, managers, financial risk analyst, etc.

Hotel Management

Depending on the niche, hotel management courses can vary from three to five years. This comes under a very creative field wherein one learns management with marketing, public dealing, and other skills which rely on what type of hotel management course you choose. If you seem to have interest in hospitality, this course offers a variety of career opportunities like catering management, hotel operations management, event planning, etc.

Digital Marketing Courses

Today, everything is shifting to the digital world, each and every aspect of the business is through virtual media. Promoting your services, and products digitally is not just easier, but also less time-consuming and a more effective way to reach a greater audience. To do this task properly, businesses hire digital marketers which is in fact, one of the best career options today, as far as technological advancements are concerned.

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Bachelor of Statistics

Mathematics and statistics are the major subjects in this three-year course. The career options available include statistical planning, mathematician, content analyst, risk analyst, statistician, etc.

B.Com. in Tourism and Travel Management

To include one more creative course in the list, which non-mathematics students can also pursue, Bachelor of Commerce: Tourism and Travel Management focuses on the financial management of travel industries. There are a variety of subjects that one studies during the duration of this course like economics, business communication, tourism management, marketing, etc.

Knowing about the best courses is necessary, and pursuing them at a reputed university is equally important. Chitkara University offers a variety of commerce courses to choose from, after the 12th, for the best exposure that one requires during their college years!


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