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BA Professional program-Chitkara University

Entrepreneurship is a challenging and rewarding career path that requires a combination of creativity, discipline, and business sense. Entrepreneurs have the vision and drive to create new products and services with the aim of building successful companies and driving economic growth.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Professional program is a comprehensive and industry-integrated undergraduate program spanning three years. Its primary objective is to equip future managers and entrepreneurs with the necessary skill set to effectively navigate the complexities of global business landscapes. The curriculum encompasses a diverse array of core business domains, including General Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Operations, ensuring that students graduate with a well-rounded preparation for the demands of the professional world.

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By immersing students in these vital business disciplines, the program cultivates a state of readiness for the industry. Moreover, it strikes a balance between foundational management principles and practical administrative skills, a crucial blend essential for thriving in multinational corporations. A distinctive feature of the program lies in its alignment with the directives of NEP 2020, meticulously crafted to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and their real-world applications. This strategic approach instils in students a proactive and solution-oriented mindset, fostering the development of analytical acumen, leadership proficiencies, effective problem-solving strategies, and the capacity to make well-informed decisions.

BBA Professional enables students to gain a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business, thus having a strong hold over their career by taking informed decisions for their businesses or start-ups. An aspirant to the program will be equipped to apply the fundamental knowledge to crafting strong business strategies in this competitive world.

BBA Professional Program for Developing Modern Business Skillset

The BBA Professional program enables future managers to hone their analytical minds and develop their leadership and managerial skills to face a competitive world. It is further designed to offer a strong understanding of the multi-disciplinary departments of business. Some of the standpoints that underpin this program are innovation, enterprise, responsibility, sustainability, professionalism, and digitalization.

Entrepreneurship is a key force for ensuring successful economic growth, and entrepreneurial thinking is at the foundation of the three-year BBA Professional program that allows students to develop knowledge and understanding of management and business practices. The curriculum ensures an accurate blend of theory and practice by imparting classroom teaching with the help of case studies, role play, anecdotes, on-the-spot decision-making activities, simulation, and a semester-long industry-oriented internship followed by project work.

BBA Professional@CBS

The BBA Professional program at Chitkara University is a study program designed to improve students’ academic and professional capabilities. Thus, honing their skills and enabling them to grab an opportunity to get placed in the top-rated companies in their area of expertise. For this, Chitkara Business School extends two options specially designed to benefit the students:

Advanced Major: This option allows students to specialise in any one major realm of business management and embark on their chosen area of expertise.

Internship: This option offers a unique opportunity for students to apply theoretical and practical skills in real-world situations while enhancing employability skills as per NEP 2020. The program offers on-site experiential learning opportunities and significant exposure to industry practices, thus providing an invaluable addition to the student’s academic and professional journey.

In the fourth year of the BBA (Hons.) Professional program Chitkara Business School allows students to opt for an industry-centric research project.

Research: The aspirants for this option must have secured a minimum of 75% marks in the first six semesters. This option enables students to develop their research acumen and work on industry-oriented critical issues, which are the major points of innovation, creativity, and profitability. The dissertation will be diligently prepared under the guidance of an experienced faculty member.

Skills You Can Learn After Completing BBA Professional

After completing the BBA professional program, students will be equipped with the following skillset:

Entrepreneurial Mindset: The BBA Professional degree holders will attain industry-relevant knowledge and be trained to implement new ideas, implement progressive business strategies, and handle complex business issues.

Financial and Economic Knowledge: This program astutely extends the detailed understanding of Finance and Economics to the students, thus enabling them to pursue their careers as financial Analyst, Accountant, Business Development experts, etc.

Communication Skills: Effective communication solves half the problem, and pursuing a BBA Professional program helps shape a confident personality that can express knowledge eloquently. Collaborative assignments and frequent presentations enable students to come out of their cocoons and effectively communicate with their team members and clients.

Business Understanding: BBA Professional program is designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of business as a whole, strengthening the importance of entrepreneurship and its contribution to the economy. By gaining a good understanding of the business before entering the workforce, you will get a good start on implementing your business plans.

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In the competitive world of business, credibility and recognition are vital assets for entrepreneurs. The Chitkara Business School, renowned for its excellence, provides students with the perfect platform to establish themselves in the business community. Chitkara Business School provides students with mentorship, funding, and workspace for their early-stage start-ups.

Why settle for anything less when you can join the best? Chitkara Business School offers a high-quality learning experience, honing your skills to perfection and preparing you for a successful and rewarding career. If you have the drive to excel and wish to pave your path in the business realm, seize the opportunity and enrol in our esteemed BBA Professional program. Your dreams of conquering the business world are within reach; take the first step towards a successful future now!


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