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A Complete Guide to Become Data Analyst in India

A image with blurred background. On the right side of image Data Science wriiten in black bold text and some symbols are also given below. On the right side of the image student of chitkara university working on their laptop.
Every piece of information that we give out today is converted to data in some or the other way. From the chat you do on your mobile to the feedback you give in a restaurant, everything is data. Today, the technological revolution has transformed the...
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Benefits of MBA With a Data Analytics Specialization

The illustration shows the data analytics student of chitkara university
Data Analytics Everyone is Talking About But What Exactly is it? In order to find and study hidden patterns, relations, patterns, connections, and abnormalities as well as to support a concept, data analytics is required. It is the process of extrac...
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Why MBA is the Best Career Option in 2023?

The image shows the students of chitkara university working on the laptops.
If planning to study for an MBA in human resource management subjects is a career choice for aspirants then it is the best decision ever. Pursuing an MBA at a business school across the country is an amazing plus point. MBA in human resource manag...
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MBA in Pharmaceutical Management: Future Scope, Career Opportunities

The illustration shows the pharmaceutical students from chitkara university working on their projects.
What is MBA A Master in Business Application is one of the widely chosen postgraduate domains. It is supposed to be a professional course and offers jobs much more easily as compared to other postgraduate programs. There are various domains and spec...
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MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Syllabus and Admission Fee

The illustration shows the students of chitkara university working on their projects.
What is MBA in Supply Chain Management? Supply chain management is nothing but whatever goes in behind the scene while picking up a very basic item from a supermarket. It takes a lot for the product to reach the store and finally to you. The choice ...
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Future Job Opportunities after MBA in Sales and Marketing

The illustration shows the students of mba from chitkara university.
Having a product or an excellent service is not enough for an organisation, they have to communicate what they have to offer and then sell the same. Their major objective is to market and sell their products and services for a profit. The sales and m...
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Why Chitkara University can be a Better Option for MBA in Business Analytics?

The illustration shows the students of chitkara university in black sweatshirts. Two are working on their laptop, and another two are holding the book.
The real-world challenges in business, the methods and softwares employed in business communications, data analysis, statistics: all contribute to the main stream of ‘Business Analytics’. Master of Business Administration Business Analytics, that...
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Future Scope of MBA in India: How Chitkara University is the Best Option to Choose?

The illustration shows the classroom of chitkara university, where students sit at a desk with laptops in black sweatshirts, and the teacher teaches them.
MBA is currently the most in-demand course around the world. Every year more than 3 Lakh students take admission in MBA in India. It unveils endless career opportunities. With the increasing number of corporates coming in and the expansion of the glo...
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The Most Popular MBA Specializations in 2023

The illustration shows the classroom of chitkara university in black sweatshirts. One is standing & smiling, and the others are sitting.
In recent years, a master's degree in business administration has become one of the most sought-after programmes. Because of the adaptability of business, people today obtain MBAs in a variety of fields. An MBA in Finance, Marketing, Advertising, Com...
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The Future of Investment Banking

The illustration shows the conference room full of chitkara university students and some business experts.
Many students go through the mill to get their MBA degrees. An MBA graduate undergoes a rigorous training schedule in strategic thinking, creative problem solving, leadership skills, communication skills, analytical thinking and the ability to work i...
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