What are the Types of Design Courses in India & their Scope?

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A designer has the power to make imagination come true. Design aspirants will benefit from taking designated classes to learn about the principles of the craft and how they relate to different sectors. The applicant who pursues a design degree will have access to a wide range of prospects. Some of the disciplines that students can pursue include history, sketching, photography, and modelling. A wide range of work opportunities are open to aspiring designers at Chitkara University, and if they have skills like drawing, concentration, originality, and communication, they may succeed in the field of design.

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Types of Design Courses Offered

Any design course with a distinguished specialization can garner the candidate’s attention. There are a variety of specialities available across some of the best design colleges in India that the candidate can choose from in the designing course, including:

  • Fashion design
  • Communication design
  • Product design
  • Textile design
  • Graphic design
  • Exhibition design
  • Interior design
  • Web design

Eligibility Criteria

Some of the best colleges in India for design are located around the country. The candidate must fulfil certain qualifying standards to enroll in these schools. The following requirements must be met in order to pursue designing courses in India.

  • B.Design – The applicant must have earned their 10+2 diploma from a respectable board in any stream. They need a 45 percent in plus two to be accepted into the program.
  • B.Sc Design – The applicant must have graduated from a reputable high school.
  • B.Arch, BVA, or BFT — The applicant must have a minimum grade point average from a reputable board of 10+2.
  • Masters Courses – A bachelor’s degree in the area of specialization in which the candidate plans to pursue a master’s degree is required for the M.Des, M.Sc, M(Arch), and MFA programs.

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Highlighting the Scope of Best Design Courses

Bachelors in Design (B. Design)

A well-known undergraduate design degree is the Bachelor of Design course (BDes). A four-year B.Des degree offers specializations in fashion design, interior design, accessory design, textile design, and more. With the development of the BDes degree over time, it is currently offered in a number of design specializations, including Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, VFX Design, Visual Communication, and Game Designing. By offering work options, possibilities in other sectors, and chances to learn new technologies, the scope of a Bachelor’s Design degree is broadened. The course curriculum includes CAD, CAM, product development, marketing, specialization-specific courses, vocational subjects, optional subjects, and subjects that help students develop their personalities and talents. Students pursuing internships, events, and exhibitions can do so at both the national and international levels.

BSc. Designing

A three-year undergraduate degree for Bachelor of Science, or BSc, is frequently offered at some of the best Indian colleges and universities for designing. One of the most popular courses for students who have a strong interest in science and a desire for research-oriented, calculative procedures based on a tried-and-true systematic approach is BSc. A Design that depends on investigation, research, and discovery. The pinnacle of both academic and practical study is a bachelor’s degree in science. After earning a BSc, students most frequently choose to pursue a Master of Science (MSc).


An undergraduate degree program with a focus on the visual and performing arts is offered under the Bachelor of FineArts or BFA. This degree, sometimes known as a Bachelor of Visual Arts, covers the study of writing, photography, animation, sculpting, and other visual arts (BVA). Similarly, the study of performing arts covers disciplines including dance, theatre, and music. At design schools in India, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree typically requires the student to choose a specialization area based on their preferences. Depending on the candidate’s selected specialization, the BFA is often a three to four-year degree that can be done full-time, part-time, online, or through distance learning.

B. Tech (Fashion)

Bachelor of Fashion Technology integrates creativity and technology in a novel way. The four-year B.Tech (Fashion) curriculum is split into two semesters each year. Students must also do a required internship as part of the degree in order to better grasp how the industry functions.

This course teaches aspirants how to develop, manage, sell, and produce fashion items. Graduates of this degree program might choose to work in the sector or pursue further education in the fashion industry. After finishing a B. Tech (Fashion), aspirants can enroll in a Masters of Fashion Technology, M. Des in Fashion Design, Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design, and other courses.

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The Takeaway

Students will need to acquire the necessary skills while studying for a fashion design degree if they want to excel in the design industry. Choosing Chitkara University, which is one of the best design colleges in India can help them transform themselves as per the requirements of the ever-evolving industry.


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