How to choose the best business schools in India?

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Starting your career in business management is the best decision to succeed and secure your life. If you have the opportunity to study and do better, you must do so. But choosing the best business schools in India is complicated as you have many choices. Many business schools offer exceptional programs. So how do you choose the best business schools for your profile? We are here to show you how.

Here in India, there are about 500 business schools. The supply is so high that it is difficult for you to decide. And the popular selection of business schools for students is about placement. Students check if the salaries after the placement program are good for them. So starting salaries are the main point of business management. But it is not only that, other parameters can contribute to the best selection of the best business schools for you.

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Choose Your Programme: MBA or PGDM

MBA and PGDM are two programmes that are an option for the student. MBA or PGDM, the two are not different except for a few factors. PGDM offers a dynamic syllabus with an update on the needs of the industry. PGDM is more expensive than MBA and is AICTE approved. MBA is also good on a small budget. So you have to choose between the two programs to select the best business schools.

Location of the Business School

If it is the IIMs or the best business school in India, the location does not matter to you. You will reach the place of study. However, when you go down in the business school rank. You must consider the location.

In India, the location of business schools in big cities is the best choice for students. The top companies located in big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are looking for candidates around them. If you study in these places, it is easy for you to find an internship on your profile and in the best companies. Also, companies prefer to hire a graduate located near their headquarters.

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ROI Return on investment

Return on investment is about the return on your MBA study expenses. You spend a sum of money on your education. Does the business school you apply will offer you the possibility to cover your study expenses and even give you more?

That is a significant parameter for your choice of the best business school in India.

General or Specialisation

The objective is to understand why you are doing an MBA. What are you passionate about business? It is not just about a good package. But more importantly, your path and ultimate goals in business management. There are two options in business management. General or Specialisation

The general management programme allows students to reach a variety of sectors and knowledge. It offers students the best placement opportunities. Compared to the specialisation-based programme, it is an industry specialisation that provides in-depth finance to be ready for employment in finance or business analysis.

Great Alumni Network

The Alumni define the reputation of the schools. The Alumni are the mirror image of the business school. The success of the Alumni is valuable for students. Students can find information and the best advice for their careers. So always check the Alumni testimonials of the best business schools of your choice.

Placement Record

Don’t trust the 100% placement offered by these business schools. Some business schools try to increase their placement rate to attract more students. Even IIMS may not provide a record 100% placement rate. Placement is dependent on your hard work and effort. However, you can check the placement reports in the summer and final. You can see the performance of the college on the number of companies that visit the college and the average salary of placed and graduating students.

International Exposure

It is always good to check the curriculum of business schools in each area of business, marketing, sales, operations, management and more.

Good business schools are those that have international exposure and have many partnerships around the world.

You can benefit from international knowledge and a great deal of leadership knowledge. In addition, you can gain the confidence to deal with many cultures and work anywhere in the world.

Check the Rankings and Accreditations

See the top 5 business school rankings in India

  • NIRF by HRD Ministry, Government of India.
  • Business Today – Business school rankings
  • rankings
  • Outlook Business School Rankings
  • Weekly Business School Rankings

Top three international accreditations

  • AACSB – Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business in the USA
  • AMBA – Association of MBAs UK
  • EQUIS – EFMD Quality Improvement System

The two main national accreditations

  • NAAC – National Assessment & Accreditations council
  • NBA – National Accreditation Council

MBA Scholarships

Most business schools now offer different types of financial aid to help students complete their studies. However, you must check the details of faculty members on the business school’s website or ask the admissions team what is on offer.

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The Quality of the faculty

The faculty is at the heart of your studies. They are the ones who will shape your mind and guide you. You must read their profile and experience. Here are the things to check about the faculty

  • Academic qualifications
  • Professional experience
  • Industrial involvement
  • Research area and publications

All top business schools publish the details of their faculty members on their official websites. So watch out for colleges that do not share their faculty details.

Admission to the best business schools is a two-step process. You apply to the best schools, but will these schools accept you? The top business schools in India also want the best students and intelligent brains in their college to maintain their reputation. The higher the notoriety, the higher the demand and requirements for that college, The seats will not be enough for all those who want to join.

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We at Chitkara University are known to be the best business school college in Punjab and fulfil all the requirements to provide you quality education for your career. We are sharing this information above to help you choose the best business schools for your preference. Now you have all the necessary advice to select the best business schools. So choose wisely and intelligently.


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