The Most Popular MBA Specializations in 2023

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In recent years, a master’s degree in business administration has become one of the most sought-after programmes. Because of the adaptability of business, people today obtain MBAs in a variety of fields. An MBA in Finance, Marketing, Advertising, Communication, and other fields may be available.

An MBA degree is also seen as a valuable tool for advancing your career. It increases your chances of receiving a promotion and allows you to develop a deeper understanding of the industry.

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Top Reasons Why People Choose MBA

  • Develop advanced management skills: An MBA education will teach you how to manage a team and how to solve challenges more effectively.
  • An MBA specialisation can help you achieve your objectives, whether it’s a promotion or a specific professional goal. MBA degrees are renowned to help you advance in your career.
  • Better connections: An MBA degree allows you to network with potential future leaders. People you meet at an MBA programme will go on to hold prominent positions in various firms, indicating that they will be the leaders of future.
  • Assists with startup: An MBA degree allows you to meet like-minded people who can assist you in developing the type of start-up you want to create.
  • Higher pay: MBA grads are the market’s highest wage takers, implying a promise of a better package.

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Top 10 MBA Specialisations in India in 2022

MBA Design, Research and Development

Design research and development is regarded as one of India’s most popular MBA programmes. The commercial market has a high need for design, research, and development connected to product development.

MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This is another popular MBA programme in India. Logistics and supply chain management are critical sectors in every organisation, and they necessitate a high level of managerial and administrative expertise. As a result, it is also thought to be an extremely lucrative employment.

MBA Marketing Management

Sales and marketing are, without a doubt, are two of the most important divisions in a company since they assist in the overall profits and revenue generation of any organisation. As a result, an MBA in sales and marketing is quite popular in India. Furthermore, if you are a creative person, this is a viable possibility.

MBA Human Resource Management

Another significant position is human resource management, in which a person is in charge of managing all of the employees in a corporation. It necessitates a high level of understanding and interpersonal skills.

MBA Financial Management

When it comes to an MBA, financial management is one of the most comprehensive and demanding subjects. However, it is also one of the most promising job possibilities with long-term advantages.

MBA International Business

Since corporations hire potential workers to represent their company on a global scale, an MBA in International Business is one of the most popular specialties today. Through research development, examination, and analysis, the primary purpose of this specialisation is to assist students understand the operational method and obligations of international commerce, as well as to uncover the finest strategies for boosting imports and exports. Students learn how to handle challenges that arise in international business, such as trade restrictions, economic limits, and demographic constraints.

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MBA Business Analytics and Big Data Management

Businesses are continually on the hunt for qualified managers as the demand for Big Data Analysis grows. As a result, institutions such as Chitkara University have included this popular course to assist students understand the value of data and swiftly analyse, decrypt, and interpret actionable solutions so that they may have a positive organisational impact.

MBA E-Commerce

An MBA in e-commerce is designed to give students a solid understanding of the key concepts involved in conducting business online, as well as the differences between traditional and online business practises. The programme includes general business management, financial, and marketing skills development, as well as leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making. It enhances students’ abilities to operate their internet businesses efficiently while avoiding the industry’s common pitfalls.

MBA Entrepreneurship

In recent years, India has been recognised as the world’s entrepreneurial powerhouse, and young entrepreneurs have flocked to pursue degrees such as an MBA in Entrepreneurship. The curriculum at Chitkara University is, therefore, designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to come up with novel business ideas, start a firm, and effectively maintain the networks essential for corporate development. The core technical and practical components of launching a business are covered in this course.

MBA Communications Management

A specific course such as an MBA in Communications Management has evolved as a result of the ongoing growth of current trends and technology. As a result, applicants interested in pursuing an MBA in Communications Management should be analytical and creative thinkers. This curriculum is designed to provide students with conceptual knowledge while also allowing them to practise analytical and creative thinking abilities. It includes research that helps students better comprehend the socio-psychological framework of business and communications, as well as topics that help them make better judgments.

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Summing up

The School of Management at Chitkara University strives for academic excellence via value-based education, research, and industry collaboration in order to shape students into global leaders and entrepreneurs who can make a difference.


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