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Career in Game Development: A Complete Guide

The image shows the student of chitkara university working in a computer lab.
Imaginative concepts, strategies, designs, programming, and game deployment are necessary for game creation. It may be challenging for those without any programming knowledge to learn game creation, and it is obvious that they don't know any programm...
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How to Become a Front-End Developer- A Complete Roadmap

The illustration shows a student of chitkara university pointing towards a laptop.
Nowadays, it seems like everyone is online. The Internet is a popular resource for numerous sorts of information and not just for inter-user communication (such as email and social media). Furthermore, it is a practical way to make purchases and pay ...
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What are the Career Options After B.Tech in Electrical Engineering?

The image shows the two students of electrical engineering from chitkara university working on their projects.
The various streams of B.Tech have always been in high demand and continue to be so today. A fundamental technical academic curriculum, B. Tech aids in digesting engineering's positive notions. Electrical Engineering is one of the most sought-after B...
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What You Can do After Choosing Cyber Security as Your Career Option?

The illustration shows the students of cyber security from chitkara university working on their projects.
Cyber security is the protection of information and data on computer networks, often via encryption and authentication technologies, as well as monitoring of such activities in order to detect unauthorized access or other malicious activity. In ou...
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