Path To Become A Successful Physiotherapist

Successful Physiotherapist

Physical therapy (better known as physiotherapy) is the science of relieving the body’s pains with exercise and massages. If you follow any sport, you must have seen individuals rushing to the field and assisting the injured players— simply put, they are physiotherapists.

You might be surprised to learn that physiotherapists are in high demand in the medical and healthcare industry. And if you plan on pursuing this career path, a Bachelor of Physiotherapy is the first step. You can consider pursuing your Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Chitkara University since it is one of the leading colleges in India to provide the course.

However, before you apply for the course, learn about it and the employment opportunities after completing your Bachelor of Physiotherapy in India.

Physiotherapist Course Details

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Chitkara University aims to shape students into able healthcare professionals who help their patients/clients maintain optimal health and fitness through intensive exercise and therapy.

If you plan to study Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Chitkara University, listed below are some of the course details you should know.

  • Course Duration: The course is four years long. The first two years focus on the theoretical aspects of physiotherapy, while the last two years focus on training and the practical aspects.
  • Opportunity for Internship: As a part of the curriculum for Bachelor of Physiotherapy, students at Chitkara University must undergo a six-month stint of compulsory hospital training. It will help students familiarise themselves with real-world working conditions.
  • Campus Placements: Chitkara University offers students of Bachelor of Physiotherapy placement assistance with various hospitals and institutes.
Physiotherapist Course Eligibility

Before applying, you must understand the eligibility criteria for pursuing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in India. If you are planning to study the course at Chitkara University, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must possess a passing certificate for 10+2 from a recognised board of education.
  • You must be a student of the Science stream in your 10+2.
  • You must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 10+2.
  • You must have at least 50% aggregate marks in your final 10+2 exam.
  • Employment Opportunities After Pursuing Bachelor of Physiotherapy

After completing the Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Chitkara University, you become eligible to work as a certified physiotherapist across various industries. With the rising demand for physiotherapists in today’s scenario, you’ll have the opportunity to work with several reputed organisations.

Listed below are some job opportunities you’ll have after pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Physiotherapy in India.


Hospitals often hire physiotherapists to enhance the treatment plans for patients affected by obstetric, orthopaedic, cardiac and other problems. Sometimes, hospitals also hire physiotherapists to assist patients with their rehabilitation process.

Orthopaedic Clinics & Rehabilitation Centres

Orthopaedic clinics and rehabilitation centres often have in-house physiotherapists. Your role in such establishments would be to help your patients with different exercises, therapies and massages to help them overcome their deformities or other physical conditions.

Sports & Fitness Centres

As a physiotherapist at a sports and fitness centre, you’ll get the opportunity to work intensively with your clients and help them achieve their fitness goals. You’ll be responsible for maintaining the health charts for your client and adjusting their fitness plans and exercises accordingly.

Defence Establishments

If you choose to work as a physiotherapist at a defence establishment, you’ll work closely with the trainers and instructors to chart training plans. You’ll also be responsible for rehabilitating anyone injured or recovering from an injury.

How Does Pursuing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Chitkara University Help You?

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Chitkara University is a hands-on program curated to meet international standards in the physiotherapy industry. The coursework provides a balanced emphasis on academic and clinical training. The course also entails a compulsory six-month internship that provides students with adequate exposure to working in real-world conditions.

The coursework aims to train individuals to meet the rising need for physiotherapists in the country. With a focus on hands-on training practices and industry-relevant curriculum, the expert guidance of the faculty helps students acquire the necessary exposure to help them integrate with real-world working conditions.

Final Words

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Chitkara University curriculum helps you to develop the skills necessary to work in collaboration with medical professionals. As professionals, you will help individuals maintain optimal mobility, health and fitness to cure these dysfunctions and prevent the progression or onset of diseases, dysfunctions and other physical conditions. The purpose of this course is to prepare students, enabling them to execute their duties as physiotherapists efficiently and accurately.


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