Future Job Opportunities after MBA in Sales and Marketing

The illustration shows the students of mba from chitkara university.

Having a product or an excellent service is not enough for an organisation, they have to communicate what they have to offer and then sell the same. Their major objective is to market and sell their products and services for a profit. The sales and marketing department plans a strategic layout in order to increase the corporate value and profit by selling the products and services within the scope of the organisation. Sales and marketing are essential for any company to keep up with the emerging trends. MBA is one of the most popular and demanding professional degrees in the world. An MBA in sales and marketing can lead to several career options in various fields for the students. If you have done your MBA in sales and marketing and looking for future job opportunities then this article is for you:

Sales and Marketing Executive/ Manager

They execute a variety of tasks such as product/ service demonstration, market research, budget planning, client engagement, creating marketing and sales strategies, and competition analysis. They also ensure that the product knowledge is easily available to the customers in various formats. Sales and marketing managers can be a part of organisations in any sector, from healthcare to technology. Their average salary can be anywhere between 4-8 LPA.

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Brand Management

Brand management is the basic component of marketing. It is the process of planning and executing a strategy for how a brand will be perceived in the market. It is the combination of division and the segmentation of the target audience and the company. Brand managers use different kinds of approaches to enhance the quality of the brand. These approaches are collective data, brand promotions, and studying the audience’s behaviour towards the brand. Brand managers act as mediators and maintain a good relationship between the brand and the customers. The average salary of brand managers in India is 7-12 LPA.


Advertising creates brand identity and hence is a key component in sales and marketing. Advertising is used for the promotion of any brand, product, or service. This can be done in several forms such as TV, radio, Email, internet marketing, etc. Advertising helps a candidate in exploring their creative side. Generating catchy headlines and keeping track of the latest trends in the advertising sector are the necessities in this field. An average salary of an advertising professional in India is 3.6-10 LPA.

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Digital and Media Marketing Managers

These days every company has a website that demands a consistent increase in internet traffic. Digital marketing professionals play a major role in enhancing brand or product awareness on the internet. They use different digital technologies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in expanding the business of the company. Media managers are responsible for executing the advertising strategies of the product and meeting the target goals of the company. The average salary of Digital and Media Marketing Managers in India is 7.2 LPA.

Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst resolves a particular problem related to the market. They gather all the data related to market trends and target the audience of their interest. Market Research Analysts have to analyse consumer’s priorities and choices and thus help the company in deciding the way to advertise, pack and sell their products. They design surveys and develop unique research methodologies in order to gather information and build marketing strategies. Their work profile shapes the communication of the organisation with the consumers. They keep a check on the consumer, competitors, and relevant marketing problems. Market Research Analysts get paid anywhere between 6-8 LPA. This pay package increases with time and experience.

Social Media Manager

This usually comes under the digital marketing field but has emerged as a very popular role in recent times. Since most of the traffic comes from the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, social media management is a job in itself. They administer the social media accounts of the organisation. They come up with catchy and engaging text copies along with visual designs including videos, infographics, and pictures to engage the audience and increase followers on the social media platforms. Their key responsibility is to generate, edit, and share content on social media in the same interval of time. They also monitor web traffic and SEO metrics. They perform research on trends, design and implement social media strategy that aligns with the goals of the business and targets the audience. The average salary of a Social Media Manager in India can be between 2.4- 10 LPA.

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No company can work without a presence in the market and thus cannot work without sales and marketing professionals. With career options evolving at such a high pace, the sales marketing and media sectors seem to be promising career choices for today’s youth. Chitkara University offers a two-year MBA program in Sales and Marketing. With well-qualified faculty, a practical-based curriculum, and amazing infrastructure, Chitkara proves to be a perfect choice for anyone looking for an MBA.


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