8 Reasons to choose Chitkara University for Engineering

Chitkara University takes pride in offering a variety of engineering degrees. They do a lot more than train engineers. They assist students in becoming changemakers with a global perspective, technical abilities, and leadership qualities who can have a positive impact on the world. There are several reasons to choose Chitkara over other colleges for pursuing B.Tech in the diverse branches of engineering, some of which are stated below:


NIRF has Chitkara University rated 181 in 2020. It has been awarded the prestigious A+ grade by NAAC, placing it in the top 5% of universities in India. Times Higher Education World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings have continuously ranked it among the top rising Asian universities. Jagran Josh Education Award 2022 just named the university “The Most Promising University Of Punjab For Technical Education.”


With over 500+ campus recruiters coming each year, Chitkara has a strong placement record. Amazon, Oracle, Wipro, Maruti Suzuki, IBM, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Infosys, and others are among them. Chitkara students receive placements ranging from about 4-5 LPA on average with the highest CTA in the previous placement season being 1.1 CR from Amazon. Additionally, internship possibilities are provided ample opportunities to the students.

Chitkara University has strong ties with several blue-chip companies, allowing its students to gain important real-world experience. It prepares students to be world-ready professionals by providing them with the information, skills, and abilities that companies want. Accenture, Adobe, Amazon, Google, Infosys, HCL, Dell, Deloitte, Cognizant, IBM, Samsung, Wipro, and other prominent recruiters visit Chitkara University every year.


It is stretched over 50 acres and has vast, amphitheatre-style classrooms, labs, and computer facilities, all of which are equipped with advanced information and communication technology (ICT) equipment. Its library offers access to a variety of electronic materials. Internet access and subscriber trunk dialling are available in the hostels (STD). Students have a nice stay thanks to caring wardens and rigorous security. Cafeterias, banks, and ATMs are located across the campus. It has agreements with reputable hospitals in the event of an emergency and to protect the safety of the pupils.

Start-ups and research

Chitkara’s motto is “Ideate Innovate Excel,” and it strives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students by creating a start-up culture and linking them with appropriate possibilities. They have extensive connections with over 500 incubators and venture investors, allowing them to provide substantial real-world expertise.

Extracurricular activities

Experiences other than academics play a significant role in making a student’s life memorable, hence co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are encouraged on campus. Various festivals, such as the Techno Cultural Festival and the National Theatre Festival – Rangrezz, are held throughout the year. It also includes a variety of clubs for students to develop their non-academic interests, such as Drama, Robotics, Music, CSI, and Mystic.

Job Satisfaction

Students in the engineering programme confront unique difficulties and develop new skills. They also love their employment and the atmosphere in which they operate. Engineering is continually developing and having an influence on numerous areas such as healthcare, transportation, and communications, as technology advances tremendously. A B.Tech degree can help to make the world a better, quicker, and more connected place. Engineers’ job satisfaction is continually on the rise, because to their tremendous influence on these areas.

Scope to explore creativity

Engineering allows for an infinite number of solutions to a comparable problem. Creativity is not only useful to engineers but it is frequently required during the development and planning process. The objective is to discover and use the most cost-effective solutions. Engineering mechanisms may be written and developed in a variety of ways to fit any type of direction or customer experience. As a result, it provides a fantastic window of opportunity for an expert to be creative. Chitkara University is an excellent opportunity to explore your creative side as an engineer. They provide high-tech classrooms with all of the necessary amenities, as well as excellent lecturers that can assist students with innovative thinking.

Constant technical advancements

New programming languages and frameworks are being developed at a breakneck pace, even as IT infrastructure advances across all major economic sectors. Automated payment systems to streamline financial transactions, fitness centres tracking health and heart rate, and household objects that have been around for decades like refrigerators, TVs, and others have now become smart by connecting to personal assistants and Wi-Fi networks are just a few examples of advancements in the computing environment. These continuing advancements provide enormous potential for learning and advancement. A degree in engineering will empower students about how far things have progressed and where the world is headed.


Chitkara University is one of a kind and the best in North India because of its in-campus academic infrastructure, strong national and international collaborations, unique academic and non-academic model, powerful industry interface, great ROI, quality placements, faculty and staff professionalism, firmness in matters of rules and principles, cultural diversity, and commitment to excellence in education.

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