About the Workshop

Ineffective presentation gasps human energy and leads to time wastage. The poorly drafted and carelessly presented presentation creates ripples that go far beyond the specific presentation. The listeners who are subjected to such presentations have a feeling that ranges from resentment to hostility, or at least, pity for inept communicator. Such presentation doesn’t go well with the image of the organization and could potentially turn out to be costly proposition for the presenter and the organization.

Most of us are expected to convey important ideas orally. Ironically, a lot of us have received little or no training on oral presentation skills. This workshop is for those who have been subjected to boring, ill-prepared business presentations and who don’t want to replicate the same. It aims to offer concise and intriguing guidance to master oral presentation skills. This workshop will help the participants learn the art of presenting idea vigorously and effectively.


Event Date
June 01-05, 2020

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10 AM - 12 PM

Who Should Attend
Students, Faculty Members and Practitioners

Participation Fee *
INR 500 (Indian participant) | US $20 (International participant)
*Participation fee includes study workbook and exercises

Workshop Contents

Workshop Contents
Communication – a critical competency Conceptual planning
Knowing your audience Preparing your mind
Stating and supporting key ideas Arranging ideas for clarity and impact
Beginnings, transitions and endings – the ties that bind Add a little life to your style
Visual Aids – sharpen key points, focus and pictures Delivering the presentation
Persuasive messages – how they work Instructional presentations
Tools and Techniques
Lectures, activities and discussions
Major Takeaways
An understanding of desirable practices in oral presentation skills
How to arrange your ideas, articulate your thoughts for a meaningful presentation
How to analyze your listeners?
Techniques of beginning, transitions and endings during the presentation
Persuasion skills

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Registration Link https://paym.chitkara.edu.in/presentation-skills/
Dates June 01-05, 2020
Timings 10 AM - 12 PM
Participation Fee* - INR 500(Indian participant) | US $20 (International participant)
*Participation fee includes study workbook and exercises

Certificate of Participation

– Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University will issue a certificate of participation to each participant.

About Resource Person

Sandhir Sharma , Ph. D.

Sandhir Sharma is Ph.D. in Strategic Management current serving as Dean, Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University, Punjab, India since 2010. Dr. Sharma has 20 years of experience in education industry and 5 years in telecom industry. He has authored several books, research papers and articles in newspapers or magazines. His core interest is in strategy formulation and skill building. Travelled across the globe and attended several global events as presenter, speaker and author. Dr. Sharma is a member of several apex bodies, management associations and consultant to many small industry units. He strongly believes in power of communication and advocates, emphasis right way of articulating thoughts, ideas and perspectives with full of positivity and humbleness.


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