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So what does it take to become a Diploma Engineer?

Technical Excellence

At Chitkara Polytechnic, it’s a given that you will be challenged technically. Our students take Engineering classes from day one and other technical electives. Classes normally have a lecture, a lab, and practical. We offer diploma’s in three traditional disciplines:Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering.

Exploration and Innovation

Our students must have the ability to think for themselves. Chitkara students are passionate and focused. Our students all have that drive—the need to investigate and ferret out solutions, to build, to invent, to design, to develop. Not only do we recognize it,we welcome you to bring it on!

We prioritize teaching students on how to bring their ideas to fruition, not just by enhancing technical skills, but by teaching them how to foster innovation. We teach students to manage the process, to make sure that you have the skills to take your ideas to the highest possible level. We know you have the passion; we will teach you how to harness and apply it.

Intellectual Curiosity

At Chitkara, you should expect more than a course schedule and books. We want you to get your hands dirty. Majority of our students participate in industry driven projects during their Diploma years. You will be given opportunities to work with faculty and can even apply for financial support for your own research projects.

Communication Skills

The stereotypes of Engineers are a thing of the past. Students, who graduate from Chitkara must be capable of articulating their ideas, contributing successfully in teams, and working collaboratively with non-Engineers, such as product designers or business managers. To manage projects, to solve problems, to partner on ideas, to successfully advance your career.

Verbal and written communication is also essential to be a world class Engineer. You can have the best idea in the world, but if you can’t articulate it, it probably isn’t going very far. Chitkara students are required to fulfill general education requirements that include intensive focus on communication skills.

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