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3-Year Diploma in Automotive Engineering

The Diploma in Automobile Engineering program came into its existence, since early 90’s, after India achieved its economical stability and financial freedom. The spread and recognition of this program is the direct interpretation of the growth of Automobile Industry in India. India is ranked as 1st in Two wheeler vehicle segment, similarly, India is ranked as 5th in Passenger vehicle segment and most importantly India is ranked as 3rd largest market for commercial vehicles in the world.

The study of automotive engineering is to design, develop, fabricate, and testing vehicles or vehicle components from the concept stage to production stage. Production, development, and manufacturing are the three major functions in this field. Automobile Engineering is a branch study of engineering, which teaches manufacturing, designing, mechanical mechanisms as well operations of automobiles. It is an introduction to vehicle engineering, which deals with motorcycles, cars, buses trucks etc. It includes branch study of mechanical, electronic, software and safety elements.

Automobile engineering technologists help ensure the vehicles, transport means and systems our society depends on commute and transport goods the way they’re supposed to. You need an aptitude & passion for all things automobile, but you also need good problem-solving and analytical skills, because your job will involve troubleshooting problems, finding better, more efficient ways to do things, and ensuring vital systems stay up and running.

India is growing—our economy, our population, our industry and our demand for safe, secure & lean transport means are steadily growing. Automobile engineering technologists are specialists in the vehicle design, development and maintenance, which include all segments of vehicles, logistics, and service operation planning and reliable transportation support. There’s a lot of technology involved in Automobiles today. Be it passenger vehicle or commercial vehicle the involvement of electronics and sensors has significantly enhanced the complexity of diagnostics and trouble shooting in automobiles. That’s why Automobile Engineers are in high demand for setting things right and that too on first time every time.

The job itself has an intense focus on mechanical manufacturing practices. You install, maintain and repair vehicle systems & sub systems. As the world prepares for the challenges posed by increase in population, ever changing climatic conditions, if you want to make a difference in combating this pressing global problem, as innovators of climate-friendly products, systems and services to improve quality of life, this integrated Diploma in Automobile Engineering will put you on the right track.

Our 3-Year Diploma in Automotive Engineering also prepares you to pursue further studies leading to undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from reputed local and foreign universities.

Student Learning Outcomes

The specific student-learning outcomes of the Diploma in Automotive Engineering are as follows: 

  • Apply knowledge and technical expertise in building, analyzing, testing, operating and maintaining mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control systems associated with Automobile technologies, including relevant industry standards and code of practices
  • To do maintenance, repair and production of Automobile vehicles, systems and its components
  • Procure, inspect and test automobile engineering materials
  • To do fault diagnosis, repairing vehicles of all kind and develop serviceability studies and recommend diagnostics & trouble shooting procedures to be followed uniformly
  • To select, operate, maintain, test and repair/replace mechanical machinery used in various industrial auto components manufacturing environment
  • Preparing estimates of different kinds of jobs in all types of vehicles that includes 2 wheelers, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and earth movers for its periodical maintenance and service upgrades
  • Design, analysis and development of performance vehicles, off track vehicles and rapid mass transport systems and its components


Academic Framework


  • The Diploma in Automotive Engineering program is 3 years full time offered by Chitkara Polytechnic an integral part of Chitkara University, Punjab.
  • This program is offered in collaboration with FCA India (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group), Honda 2 Wheelers, Ashok Leyland & ASDC (Automobile Skills Development Council) being very unique offer bring complete blend of seasoned learning with best of the partners’ bringing required industry support.
  • There are four (4) academic semesters and last two (2) semesters are solely dedicated to Intensive Industry Internship Program (IIIP) facilitated by our program partners’.
  • Academic framework lays strong emphasize on learning through hands on. Courses in foundation, technology and advanced technology feature state of the art lab/workshop infrastructure enable this without any hassles.
  • Subjects carry full industry/domain focus to ensure student stays connected with real working atmosphere all the time.
  • To get further ahead, you will work on latest cutting edge lab/workshop co developed and co created with industry partners, which not only simulates the real-time, but also makes you cope up with field situations.


Program Curriculum

YEAR – 1


  • Provides excellent foundation to the beginner, who has just laddered from secondary school with all foundation science courses.
  • Provides excellent foundation to the beginner, who has just laddered from secondary school with all foundation science courses.
  • Later part of year allows students to learn petrol engine foundation and working principle backed by full hands on labs providing innovative learning at faster pace created by Honda 2 Wheelers.


YEAR – 2


  • Introduces students to the basic mechanical & automobile environment, which allows them read & prepare mechanical schematics, material sciences, manufacturing processes and also applying concepts learned through strength of materials and fluid mechanics.
  • Students learn thermodynamics, various machining processes that includes machining processes along with advanced mechanical drafting of machine elements.
  • Students harness their skill by applying all the learning’s by doing exploded experiments in the labs, which feature state of art latest equipments as available in industry today.
  • Courses like Measurements & Metrology and Heat Transfer are taught in very innovative manner using cutting edge labs. Students in parallel are exposed to automobile systems, components and working models.
  • Later part of the year allows students to learn, understand and work on vehicle systems that includes chassis, powertrain, electrical and body to gain adequate knowledge in all types of vehicles.


YEAR – 3


  • Brings altogether new focus of learning in Automobile domain by focusing majorly on fuel injection systems, exhaust systems and vehicle on board diagnostics systems connected with OBD scanner, which allows students to prepare themselves for niche domain with complete hands on thru innovative labs featuring Automobile industry of today & tomorrow.
  • With the acquaintance of knowledge in mechanical, materials, manufacturing, automobile and in on board diagnostics, students will undergo focused intensive industry internship program, which makes students to practices all the core learning in real life industry environment.
  • In addition, student will prepare a major technical project, which demonstrates his learning and capability to demanding world.


Cutting Edge Infrastructure

Major focus is laid in creating best in class lab & workshop infrastructure, which makes blended learning possible and the lab is equipped with advanced diagnostics equipments supplied by Jeep-USA, Honda-Japan & Bosch-Germany. This allows deeper conceptual learning by simulating real time industry environment part of automobile & on board diagnostics domains

Technology Labs

  • Petrol engine simulation and hands on lab – Honda
  • Petrol engine simulation and hands on lab – Fiat
  • Diesel engine simulation and hands on lab – Jeep
  • Manual & Automatic Gear Box workshop
  • Chassis system lab including brakes, steering & integrated transaxle wheel drives
  • Vehicle diagnostics & on board simulation and data logging lab
  • Heat Transfer lab
  • Fluid mechanics, Hydraulics & Pneumatics machinery lab
  • Strength of materials lab
  • DC machines & drives lab
  • AC machines & drives lab
  • CAD, CAM & CAE lab
  • Fuel injection systems lab
  • Vehicle climate control systems & diagnostics lab
  • Engine testing dynamometry & performance measurement set-up

Practice Workshops

  • Wheel & tyre geometry setting infrastructure
  • Full range of hands tools, power tools & support tackles for engine assembly & disassembly
  • Vehicle air conditioning workshop with state of the art equipment RobinAir from USA & EATC diagnostics set up from Bosch-Germany
  • Fitting workshop with all amenities
  • Welding workshop with all amenities
  • Foundation workshop with foundry, carpentry and smithy practices
  • Height adjustable platforms up to 30 feet to allow students to work on various heights
  • Turbo charger & Common rail injection service set-up with clean room and temperature control
  • Vehicle electrical & electronics including trouble shooting set–up with bread board, diagnostics tools for tracing faulty circuits and electrical components
  • Central charging station for restoring battery energy and battery charge management & diagnostics set-up


  • AC – 3 phase power supply (Uninterrupted)
  • AC – Single phase power supply (Uninterrupted)
  • 3 Phase 440 V Solid State Bus Bar
  • DC power supply (Uninterrupted)
  • 64 KW back up generator
  • Full set of hand tools, power tools clubbed with trollies to ensure every student has grip of tools & tackles
  • Personal protective gear for all students including gear to work on different heights
  • Advance integrated vehicle on board diagnostics equipments supplied by industry partners

Industry Collaborations

ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council) was established by NSDC (National Skills Development Corporation) part of MSDE (Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship) to work exclusively on Automobile & allied industries covering Manufacturing, Sales, Servicing, R & D, and Auto Finance.

This was the first sector skill council came into existence in India after formation of NSDC. It is jointly promoted by ACMA, FADA, and SIAM & DHI to ensure skill eco system to cater ever-growing auto industry in India.

ASDC shall be responsible for defining the scope/syllabus/curriculum outline/curriculum standard/content of the training program. Setting the qualification standards for the Trainers. Setting the qualification standards for the Trainee. The Training, Assessing & Certifying the Trainers of Chitkara University from time to time. Designing the training curriculum and training modules. Providing training standards for the trainees as well as trainers to the Training Partner. Accrediting and approving the existing training program/programs of the Training Partner provided it meets the accreditation criteria of ASDC.

Assessment of Trainees post completion of training. Certification of Trainees based on the qualification, assessment & skill attained. Maintaining a database for Trainees who have successfully completed the program. Assist in Coordination with industry and overall promotion of the program.

Chitkara Polytechnic has established cordial relationship with some of the leading auto giants in India like FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), Honda 2 Wheelers, Ashok Leyland Limited, UM Motors, Mahindra Swaraj, JCB, Claas & Bosch to name a few. As a principle collaboration industry they take responsibility of bringing industry-blended curriculum, subject contents, pedagogy advocacy, faculty training, and establishment of state of the art lab infrastructure, which makes learning truly world class.

In addition they will also facilitate intensive internship, assessment of students for the fitment in industry. What’s more, subject matter experts (SME’s) from these industry partners will be there in Chitkara Polytechnic to oversee delivery of the program for quality, consistency and to bring special emphasize in hands on industry driven practical’s.

Career Opportunities

Given below are some of the companies, which have huge requirement for Automotive Engineers. At Chitkara Polytechnic, we are collaborating with major blue chip companies, so that you can start your career with flying colors.

Career opportunities abound in wide spectrum of industries as executives, specialists, technologists, engineers or managers in:

  • Mechanical & Automobile engineering industry
  • Auto components manufacturing industry
  • Automotive sales & service industry
  • Off track, race track and performance vehicle design studios
  • Operations management
  • Sustainable Design solutions for pollution friendly
  • Research & Development
  • Entrepreneurship & Own venture

The Diploma in Automobile Engineering program is recognized nationally and internationally. In addition all major mechanical and Automobile industries in India & Abroad are connected to this program and they recognize it. The program allows you to further your studies at reputable local and overseas universities through lateral engineering entry scheme. You can join engineering degree directly into 2nd year, if one wishes to pursue higher education to bring further knowledge and growth.

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