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Doctoral Program in Business Management (Ph.D)

Part time Ph.D in Management Specially Designed for Working Executives

Some of the greatest intellectual challenges of our time are emerging from the broad fields of Business Management. Chitkara University’s Doctoral Program reflect the changing world of business, society and education. Tomorrow’s leaders will create opportunities by breaking down complex issues and discovering new knowledge through analytic reasoning and inquiry. Our Ph.D program prepares senior managers and executives to rigorously discover, describe, study and solve the practical problems they face every day in their careers. The program prepares you to approach problems as an evidence-based manager by using the tools and techniques of applied business research to issues relevant in your industry.Under the guidance of our Ph.D faculty, you will learn to build a program of research around today’s most important business challenges, and communicate the knowledge you generate to both professional and academic audiences.
Chitkara University’s Ph.D in Management in Punjab is one of the few management programs that prepare you to meet the challenges and opportunities in your profession and your organization and augment your capabilities as a researcher, scholar, manager, or consultant.

Earning a doctoral degree in management empowers you to

  • Advance in senior management
  • Initiate a consulting practice
  • Launch an academic career
  • Value addition in your enterprise

Exploring innovative ideas with other experienced professionals guided by a renowned research faculty enables you to

  • Acquire theoretical knowledge
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Expand managerial perspectives
  • Cultivate new expertise
  • Explore innovative concepts
  • Enhance professional networks
  • Earn a respected credential

This doctoral program at Chitkara University is different from a traditional PhD in Management as it is uniquely designed for accomplished executives who seek the advanced knowledge, skills and perspectives of doctoral education without interrupting their careers.


The mission of our Doctoral Program is to enable successful business managers and professionals to either extend their business careers or pursue academic careers by infusing theoretical knowledge to conceptually understand business issues and develop enhanced research skills. This will enable them to perform better business analysis, problem solve and generate workable solutions to complex business issues.


The objectives of our Doctoral Program in Management are to enable students to:

  • Apply theoretical and analytical competency in their own functional area.
  • Exhibit analytical and research skills necessary to create knowledge and apply it to emerging business issues.
  • Demonstrate expertise in a specific subject area through the design, execution, and completion of a doctoral dissertation that contributes to the knowledge and practice of the field.

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