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Why MBA with health IT

MBA in Healthcare Management (Specialisation in Health Information Technology and Medical Informatics)

As part of the MBA in Healthcare Management, you could opt for specialisation in Health Information Technology which aims to prepare professionals who can work as IT managers in Hospitals and Healthcare organisations. Graduates preferably from Engineering / Technology background can opt for the specialisation in Health Information Technology.

MBA in Health Information Technology aims to create professionals who can work as IT managers/leaders in the operational floor of hospitals, healthcare focussed IT firms, medical device solutions firms, etc. Graduates can come from diverse background like MBBS, nursing, BE/BTech, BBM/BCom, BCA/BSc, etc. The core objective of the course is to train future managers, and therefore, while technology background could be an advantage, it is not deemed compulsory.

The value of using healthcare information technology to improve patient care and reduce costs is now being recognized across the globe. Steve Ballmer (Former CEO, Microsoft) states, “The number one issue we face in health care is keeping quality high while reducing costs. Moving medical records online will improve the way health care is delivered – computing will deliver greater efficiency to medicine.”

While access to funding has become easier, most hospitals and healthcare organizations are facing significant challenges in deploying and using HIT:

  • Substantial industry shift from paper-based processes to electronic processes (e.g. electronic medical / health records)
  • The cost and complexity of HIT implementation
  • Lack of qualified software / technology professionals needed for HIT implementations

From an emerging trend perspective within the healthcare system, specialization in Health IT has high potential as a career option:-

  • Specialised domain knowledge: HIT professionals builds deep healthcare domain knowledge – across healthcare standards, applications, workflows and regulations
  • New technologies: HIT is increasingly using latest technologies including mobile, cloud computing, web technologies, and advanced BI/analytics
  • Differentiated skills: Given that HIT is a relatively new field, it provides an excellent opportunity to build differentiated skills – a key to a long-term successful career
  • Global opportunities: Strong global demand for experienced HIT professionals both in India and overseas
Interesting Career Opportunities

Today, healthcare IT is a booming, global industry that presents a vast number of opportunities for professionals worldwide. Career opportunities in this burgeoning field cater to a wide variety of technology skills and interests. There is an opportunity to build extensive healthcare domain expertise – and you don’t need a medical degree to have a successful career in healthcare IT!

HIT professionals have the opportunity to work in a wide range of areas including:

  • Clinical Applications
  • Healthcare Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Healthcare interoperability
  • Consumer health and population care management
  • Cloud Computing and Mobile Health
  • Compliance, information privacy, and security
  • Architecture – design and architect healthcare applications and systems
  • Software development – build enterprise class applications in healthcare

During the course of the semester, students who would opt for doing specialisation in Healthcare Information Technology will get to cover the following courses –

  • Introduction to Healthcare Software Engineering/ Introduction to Web Tools/ Database Management System /Healthcare IT Standards and Health Information Exchange /Clinical Health Information System/ Regulatory Aspects and IT Security Operations / Basic Bioinformatics and Translational Bioinformatics
  • Introduction to Java / Object Relational Database Management System / Data mining

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