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1-Year Bridge course in
Allied Health Sciences (MLT & MIT)

A hands-on Bridge course that focuses on various disciplines of Medical Laboratory Technology and Medical Imaging Technology; and integrates classroom teaching with practical exposure.


The 1-year Bridge course in Allied Health Sciences focuses on the study of various disciplines of Medical Laboratory Technology and Medical Imaging Technology, and has been specially curated for International students who have completed their Bachelors from Chitkara University, in either of the two above mentioned fields. The course is especially suitable for students seeking to expand their horizons and pursue a career in the field related to medical research & development or technological research in companies that lead to a breakthrough in diagnostic imaging, treatment and prevention of disease through the use of clinical laboratory tests. The program objectives include:

  • To impart knowledge and understanding of the advance level knowledge of the subject to gain professional competence in the arena of Allied Health Sciences (MLT, MIT, OTT, DT).
  • State-of-the-art skill training to enable the student’s expertise in carrying out all routine and sophisticated medical diagnostic procedures efficiently.
  • To provide the hand-on expertise on hospital live projects.
  • To instill qualities for effective management of a Allied Health Sciences (MLT, MIT, OTT, DT).

Upon completion of the course, students can use their knowledge and technique to diagnose diseases using laboratory tests, and therefore further confirm the diagnosis of a doctor. These services are essential in every hospital, clinic and research center. Major role of graduates will be in: Hospitals & Clinics, Health Care Centers, Drug Administration Agencies, Industry, University and Environment Protection. Upon completion of the 1-Year Bridge course in Allied Health Sciences (MLT & MIT), students will:

  • Be eligible for all international agencies/organisation’s registration as Allied Health Sciences/Paramedical Practitioner wherever four-year graduate courses are mandatory for such registrations.
  • Have the opportunity to work as a lab technologist; start their profession as clinical laboratory experts.
  • Become Certified Paramedical Experts for to support medical doctors in reputed hospitals.
  • Have the opportunity to work in research laboratories dealing with paramedical testing & diagnosis.

The program makes use of modern teaching methods, and a combination of the theoretical aspects of the subjects with practical reinforcement endow the students with superior knowledge and enable them to discover their hidden potential, and hone their intellectual, analytical and managing skills towards a successful and fulfilling career, supplemented and guided by experienced and quality teaching throughout the course of study. By the end of the program students should be able to:

  • Work diligently to deliver quality service collaboratively and independently in India & Abroad.
  • The courses will enable the competency of candidate at par with all national/ international organisations in the field.
  • Uphold ethical standards by incorporating principles of safety, accountability, responsibility.
  • Identify his/ her professional learning and developmental needs.
  • Promote, support and further advance the character, status and interests of Medical Imaging Technologist
  • Promote advance scientific knowledge.
Eligibility & Fees

The student must have passed B.Sc. (Allied Health Sciences) in same specialisation with minimum credit specified by Chitkara University. The admission is based purely on Merit. During the admission process, the University follows reservation policy as decided by the State Govt. and amended time to time.

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