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Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Information Technology


4 Years Bachelor of Information Technology at Chitkara University

Key Dates

September 2023

Transfer Option

Enrol in Bachelor of Information Technology Degree at Chitkara University with the option to transfer after two years of study in India to the University of Windsor, Canada and graduate with a Bachelor of Information Technology Honours from UWindsor in Canada after 4 years (2+2) of total study.

Academic Mentorship in Bachelor of Information Technology


An Applied Infromation Technology Degree Mentorship from University of Windsor– Canada’s Best has Arrived at your Doorstep

From the moment we wake up, hardly a moment goes when we do not need or share information through technology. The recent pandemic has further magnified, or rather made it an absolute necessity for each one of us to use technology for sustenance. And that makes a compelling case to pursue an education in Information Technology and acquire technical skills that will drive the future of any business. Careers will follow an IT graduate since no business can survive without one. From very visible and everyday sectors like retailing, banking, hardware to big corporates, IT professionals are, and will always be in demand across all line and staff functions. An undergraduate degree in Information Technology opens the door for multiple careers in technology, and each career has significant rewards and satisfaction along the learning curve.

Start your Information Technology education at Chitkara University in India and study for two years before opting to transfer to University of Windsor for another two years to complete your degree in Canada. Your prior learning credits are 100% transferrable to UWindsor and you will be exposed to Academic Mentorship from University of Windsor’s, award winning faculty. Your two years of learning outcomes at Chitkara University will be in sync with those who would have started the similar program at the University of Windsor while you will start your degree closer to your home at 1/3 of the International fee. After two years, you can opt to seamlessly transfer to the University of Windsor in Canada, based on transfer conditions, and graduate with a 4-year Bachelor in Information Technology Honours degree from UWindsor in Canada.

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Employment after graduation

Program Framework at Chitkara University (Year 1 & Year 2)

This program features cross-disciplinary learning by integrating studies in Mathematics, Statistics and Business courses with the required IT skills. Through this program you will gain expertise in high demand areas such as Programming, Web Development and Data Management.
– Computer Concepts for End-Users
– Introduction to Web Technologies
– Computer Architecture I: Digital Design
– Linear Algebra
– Economics I
– Business Data Analysis Using Excel
– Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management
– Business Environment

– Business Statistics
– Linux Programming
– Environmental Studies
– Logic & Reasoning
– Creative Writing & Oral Communication Introduction to Psychology as Behavioural Science
– Business Communication
– Human Values and Professional Ethics Essentials of Marketing
– Principles of Computer Networking

Students who opt to transfer to University of Windsor’s Honours Bachelor of Information Technology program at their Canada campus (subject to meeting transfer conditions) will take the following courses in the subsequent semesters to get the 4-year degree from University of Windsor, Canada.

Program Framework at University of Windsor(Year 3 & Year 4)

– Key Concepts in Computer Science
– Programming for Beginners
– Programming for Beginners II
– Social Media Marketing for End Users
– Applied Algorithms and Data Structures
– Advanced Web Design, Construction, and Deployment
– Information Security for IT
– Cyber-Ethics
– Applied Databases
– Web-Based Data Management
– Data Analytics I
– Project Management(A):
  Techniques and Tools
– Project Management(B):
  Techniques and Tools
– Two Computer Science electives
– Statistics for the Sciences
– Management and Organizational Life
– Three courses from any area of study
*Chitkara University and University of Windsor are continually striving to improve their programs and their delivery. The information contained in this framework is subject to change without notice.

Program Highlights

Learning Outcomes

Career Opportunities

Upon completing this program you will leave with the skills and experience to be a much sought-after IT professional who is well-prepared to seek professional certification in Information Technology Certificate Professional (ITCP), Associate Information Technology Professional (AITP), and/or Information Systems Professional (ISP). A graduate's options in the job market will vary according to their study, personal interests, and prior work experience, couple of options are:

Fee Structure at Chitkara University

You will save almost close to 1/3 of the international tuition fee for a similar program at UWindsor, Canada in BIT when you will study first two years at Chitkara University. Our students have an option to transfer to UWindsor after successful academic completion of their first two years with us and based on other conditions as laid in the “Transfer to Canada” section


Bachelor of Information Technology

fee per semester

Rs. 2,00,000/-

Fee Structure upon transfer in the 3rd year to UWindsor in Canada


Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)



Fees mentioned may change and should only be used as an estimate for the fees in the future. The cost is calculated are per term and will vary depending on the units you choose, your study load and the length of your course.
Other Incidentals (Additional Costs)
Name Amount (CAD)
International Health Insurance (Annual)
Recreation Fee FT (Term)
Sport & Rec Capital FT (Term)
Student Wellness Fee Full Time (Term)

UWSA Buss Pass

Society Fees
Name Amount (CAD)
Computer Science Student Society (Term)
$ 20.00
International Student Society (Term)
$ 3.50
UWSA Student Society (Term)
$ 35.38
UWSA Student Society -3rd Party Fees (Term)
$ 27.32

How to Apply

You can visit our website or download application form or visit us at our admission office in Chandigarh or speak to our representative. Once you meet the eligibility conditions below, you can deposit the application form with required documents and application fee to receive your letter of admission. The eligibility conditions are :

Windsor, Ontario

Windsor is one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities. Located at the busiest border crossing in North America, Windsor has always been one of Canada’s most international cities.

Windsor allows you to live in a safe, student-friendly, diverse Canadian town only minutes from an American cultural metropolis. As the southernmost point in Canada, Windsor enjoys some of the Canada’s best weather and boasts some of the longest warm seasons within Ontario.

Living here you’ll enjoy authentic culture and amazing food from every corner of the world. Think authentic Indian cuisine, bubble tea, shawarma and award winning pizza out of a woodfired oven. Every student gets a Transit Windsor bus pass so you can easily make your way around.

Transfer to Canada

You have an option to apply for transfer to University of Windsor in Canada after studying and demonstrating academic success with a minimum requirement of 6 CGPA on a scale of 10 and other statutory requirements while studying two years of Bachelor of Information Technology at Chitkara University. You will be eligible to transfer into the third year of Honours Bachelor of Information Technology degree at the UWindsor with all transfer credits of prior learning from the first two years of your study at Chitkara University. You will spend another two years of study to get a 4 year Honours Bachelor of Information Technology degree from University of Windsor in Ontario. You will also be eligible to apply for a three year post study work permit after the successful completion of your program. However, apart from demonstrating academic success in the first two years at Chitkara University, you have to secure a study permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC, the only Canadian government visa granting authority.

Other conditions include but are not limited to:

Please note that IRCC has the sole right to grant or refuse any kind of visa to Canada and no external factor or entity has any say, control or influence on their decision. For more information visit

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