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The specialisation in Construction Engineering and Management provide students the knowledge of civil engineering with focus on modern construction materials, techniques and effective construction management practices. Through this program, Civil Engineers become capable of constructing special structures and can become powerful project managers who can complete projects within a given schedule and budget.

The fundamental principles are applied to study the behaviour of solids, fluids and soils. Transportation Engineering and Environmental Engineering are also introduced. The focus is on analysis and Design of Steel and Concrete structures and Foundation Engineering. Students can opt for special electives such as:

Modern Structural Materials and Systems Design Shoring, Scaffolding and Form Work
Construction Personnel Management Project Safety Management
Quality Control & Assurance in Construction Quantitative Techniques in Management
Contract Laws and Regulations

In the final year, students have to undertake a design project and a main project in the areas of Construction Engineering and Management along with industry led intership.

Students are groomed under high standards of program delivery and rigorous curriculum and would naturally become capable of matching the employer’s expectations. Civil Engineers specialized in Construction Engineering and management can find jobs in Government departments, private and public sector industries such as Planning Engineer, Site Engineer, Quality Control Engineer and Project Manager. Opportunities are also available in research and teaching institutions. Civil Engineers can manage the construction projects independently and can become entrepreneurs. There is always a high demand for experienced Civil Engineers globally.

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