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Our Business Management programs prepare students for the real world and offer the opportunity for practical, hands-on experience, internships and projects.

Market exposure program at Mumbai

The faculty at Chitkara Business School includes people from core academics having vast experience in academics and industry. Among our talented faculty, you meet academic scholars with doctorate degrees, experts from Industry and authors of important texts in Business, Economics and research developing fresh approaches in the field of marketing,

Market exposure program at Mumbai

MBA students visit Mumbai – financial hub of India for ‘Winter School on Financial Markets”. Students visit various financial institutions such as RBI, SEBI, BSE and NSE to understand their operations and role in financial world. During 15 days at Mumbai, the students are offered various Interactive sessions with top executives of various financial companies.

Chitkara Mandi

Students set up their own shops, contact several NGOs and sell their products to real customers at real markets place to sensitize the real business situations. We call it ‘Chitkara Mandi’.

Social sector solutions retail project

Students partner with Retail giants such as METRO, WALMART BIG BAZAR and work with them on special Days, on the floor to manage their corporate events successfully.

At Chitkara Business School, we put your Education into action.

The best way to gain a deeper understanding of business concepts is to apply what you learn to real-world challenges. You’ll have opportunities to gain that experience by addressing actual business problems in class, starting a company through Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME), or leading a student club or organization.

Teams of Chitkara MBA students work with top executives at major firms such as Tata, Future Group, Quark and Vodafone to research and develop solutions for real-world business challenges. The best ideas are then selected by the relevant company for implementation.

The Chitkara Business Simulation

Groups of students apply the skills acquired in finance and other courses to develop and implement a real trading strategy. Workshops on Business Simulation and Use of research tools such as SPSS are regular feature to support the growing minds of students.

International Business Development

In the first course module of its kind, student teams tackle business projects across , ranging from creating business plans for nonprofit or government programs to providing market research or financial analysis for burgeoning corporations. After working on each project throughout the spring semester, the student teams then travel for three weeks for hands-on experience with their client organizations.

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