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CBS to host 2-day national symposium on “Redesigning Supply Chain: Resilient and Sustainable”

Companies face difficulty controlling interruptions in today’s turbulent market, necessitating the development of a resilient and sustainable supply chain. To mitigate the risk posed by a sudden shift in customer preferences, logistics experts must place a greater emphasis on incorporating sustainability goals and reformulating new logistics methods and models. The COVID-19 has demonstrated that supply chain performance can be negatively impacted by unforeseen fragilities, and logistics systems may face novel vulnerabilities.

Chitkara Business School is organizing a 2-day national symposium on “Redesigning Supply Chain: Resilient and Sustainable”. The symposium to be held across April 15-16, 2022 will provide a forum for industry professionals to share ideas and collaborate on emerging supply chain trends. It will also provide an excellent platform for Academicians, Research Scholars, Students, Industry Professionals, and Practitioners to gain insights into innovative supply chain practises, contribute to the existing body of knowledge in logistics and fulfilment, and strengthen academia-industry interface and networking opportunities.

Through panel discussions and question sessions, eminent industry experts will educate the target audience. There will also be a presentation contest where participants can showcase their ideas/cases. The contest will provide participants the chance to showcase their skills while also giving them the opportunity to win prizes.

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