What Are The Best Career Options After a BA LLB (Hons)?

Best Career Options After a BA LLB (Hons)

Law is one of the highly chosen career options and it also attracts applicants from across the world. A range of study programs such as BA LLB, LLB, and LLM enable students to become successful in the field of law. Out of these courses, a popular option is that of BA LLB.

BA LLB allows students to pursue law while also opening up many avenues for the students. Similar to any other graduate law program, the candidates can pursue this degree and focus on building a regular career in corporate firms, law firms, etc.

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That said, there are many career opportunities available to students once they complete their education in BA LLB. (Hons). Below, we will mention them one by one.

Litigation Attorney: One of the top career opportunities available to students is that of a litigation attorney. In case you wish to become a practicing advocate in courts then you must graduate with a three-year LLB course.

The completion of a BA LLB. (Hons) will enable you to become a practicing advocate in India. The scope of LLB is wide in India and can also be seen as one of the best career options. All law graduates must work as an intern under a law firm or senior advocate.

Mostly, the duration of a legal internship is one month and once the student is done with the internship, it becomes important to enroll yourself with the State Bar Council. Clearing the examination conducted by the Bar Council of India helps you get a certificate that makes you eligible for practice in courts.

Corporate Counselor: Most corporate firms provide lucrative jobs after the degree of BA LLB. This field is pretty attractive for law professionals and is also considered the most popular branch of law in India.

Corporate counselors can counsel corporate companies either by being an important part of an organization or by working as full-time counselors. They can also open their law firm and counsel corporate companies as and when it is needed.

Legal Secretary: One of the most common positions for a BA LLB. degree holder is that of a legal secretary. It is one of the most followed careers particularly if you have a law firm as an employer. The role and responsibility of a legal secretary are important for the smooth functioning of the legal system.

A legal secretary needs to pay attention to detail and also have excellent communication skills along with a solid grasp of legal terminology. A legal secretary is an executive who works to support functions such as reviewing communication, preparing case files, and also conducting research.

Legal secretaries are often responsible for the intake of customers and their cases. They are also responsible for protecting client information and case information confidential. The roles include making appointments, screening, scheduling a call, taking shorthand, and typing dictation along with filing.

Legal Clerk: Any professional who completes an LLB degree can easily join a law firm as a legal clerk. This clerk is an assistant to a judge or a lawyer. Law clerks are called judicial clerks and they are often an attorney as they may specialize in a specific area of law.

A law clerk is a research assistant who can assist a judge in the administration of justice. The primary role of a law clerk is to include a lot of research and writing. Law clerks perform a wide range of tasks but their main responsibility is to carry out legal research and offer assistance to judges in their role of duties.

Law clerks also help attorneys to draft legal documents, prepare for legal pleadings, research, and write briefs, opinions, and memorandums. Other than this, they also need to assist legal attorneys during court trials and hearings. To do this, they have to abide by the attorney’s instructions.

Legal Associate: A legal associate is a professional who gets supervised by attorneys. A legal associate is a professional that is also a part of a law firm and helps senior professionals with legal matters. They are trained to help in offering administrative and legal support that a lawyer can need so that they can focus on cases.

Legal associates also play the role under the supervision of the firm’s partners. They share their experience and skills with lawyers who usually don’t have any experience and are also at the bottom of the ladder.

The legal associates are also able to deliver the lawyer on the cases they are working on. Simultaneously, they also analyze the importance of the cases. They assist the lawyers by offering their services to different clients and also help in preparing documents, legal briefs, etc.

Legal Analyst: A legal analyst is a professional of a law firm who performs research and analysis on legal documents and cases. They are an expert in the field of law and they can understand and explain all issues related to law and its applications.

A legal analyst is not only restricted to analyzing legal information but also plays an important role in facilitating everyday business activities. The primary objective of a legal analyst is to understand the company’s present position concerning the law and offer proposals and solutions to different legal issues.

The legal analyst uses available databases and legal research tools for gathering information about the company’s legal obligations, analyzing it, and communicating implications and possible risks for management. These professionals are also responsible for suggesting and implementing changes by carrying out research, drafting contracts, and advising in policymaking.


The successful completion of BA LLB (Hons.) degree can open students to many career options. If you are someone who is interested in making a successful career in the field of law then pursue a study program such as BA LLB (Hons.) can be the best possible option.


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