The Influencing World of Advertising

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“Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.”- Leo Burnett

Advertising shows products and services for the purpose of persuading the audience to make a purchase. It is basically a promotional tool that is used to create consumer awareness about a company’s products and services while driving business growth.

The advent of the internet has revolutionized the advertising industry while expanding it from traditional forms including broadcast and print media into the realm of social media. Businesses of today face significant competition in improving the influence of their advertising for creating awareness, driving sales, maintaining market share, and establishing brand identity.

Further, the power of good design makes advertising all the more target driven whether it is in print or online medium. When planned carefully, advertising can be used for improving a business tremendously. In this blog, we will see the power of advertising and how it influences people.

Creating Awareness: The primary purpose of advertising is to create awareness about an organization’s products or services. Advertisements inform customers about new offerings, remind them of the present products, and also update them on any new modifications that may increase any urge to make a purchase.

Consumer protection laws require most businesses to refrain from any wrong or misleading advertising. Therefore, even as businesses seek to convey information about a product or service, they should be in compliance with the law for avoiding any legal problems.

Brand Building: When done right, advertising can be so persuasive that you can see an ad to purchase a product or read a job. The ads can produce instant reactions and also influence people’s behavior in a subtle way.

The ads can nudge the customers slowly while making incremental changes in their behavior. This way, advertising increases a product’s saleability. This is also called brand building.

Regardless of what the preference of a customer may be, the shifts are shown to be more potent by strengthening customer preferences even in the face of heavy competition.

Sales Growth: Advertisements also drive business sales growth as they create more interest among customers. When customers are aware of a company’s products and services, they are likely to go out and buy particularly when the advertisement entices them to try it out and experience it themselves.

With the use of electronic commerce and social media, businesses have now become used to expanding their reach and transacting with consumers from any part of the globe.

Emotional Bonds With Brands: The art of advertising is to sell hope and this is how advertising influences people’s behavior by allowing them to choose products that help them feel happy, fulfilled, healthier, etc.

The marketing champions indulge in inbound marketing that somehow underscores how customers want to purchase products from companies they feel an affinity for whether this means a company meets their basic needs or wants a company that embraces social causes.

Market Segmentation: Market segmentation decisions in businesses are made depending on the overall impact of advertising on business financial results. A business can quantify the financial impact of advertising against investments that is put in for developing the advertisements.

Based on different findings, business owners can also choose to tailor their advertisements for reaching a specific segment of the existing market or seek market penetration in front of a customer base. The goal is to direct advertisements toward consumers where there is a greater possibility of returns on investments.

Brand Identity: The business advertising strategies enable the establishment of brand identity amongst most consumers in the market. Businesses that engage in impact advertising are likely to establish themselves in the market because they create a lasting psychological impact on the audience.

In addition, businesses can establish a strong market position on the basis of their advertisements and proceed to meet customer expectations through quality products and services that are capable of offering value for money.


Advertising can influence people’s behavior on a fundamental level and the right use of design has the ability to make advertising even more effective. It helps in forging strong bonds, sharing perceptions, and making habits that can be effective in the long run.


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