The 7 Types of Architecture: A Closer Look at Each Style

Bachelor of Architecture-Chitkara University

An architect is a professional who designs buildings and is also often responsible for supervising the construction process of these buildings. If you want to become a successful architect, you must have skills and knowledge in many areas including design, construction, mathematics, communication, and critical thinking.

In this blog, we will learn more about the different types of architecture while delving into details about what these types entail.

Residential Architecture: The residential architects are responsible for designing homes and they help the homeowners to design a custom home while adjusting the design or layout of an existing home.

Commonly, a residential architect is often going to work with developers and home building companies just like a developer builds a large housing development plan. The residential architect is responsible for planning and designing the houses within development specifications while estimating the costs and materials too.

Commercial Architecture: A commercial architect on the other hand designs buildings for commercial purposes including large office buildings, hotels, skyscrapers, bridges, schools, museums, etc. They specialize in a specific type of project which then allows them to become a specialist in their field.

Commercial architects also work with businesses rather than people as the large-scale projects are the ones that tend to be extremely lucrative. In case you are interested in becoming a commercial architect, you will require knowledge of buildings on a large scale.

Interior Design Architecture: These professionals work to build the insides of a building. These architects specialize in getting the most out of big and small spaces and they need to have a good understanding of design and color theory as they do this.

These professionals have wide knowledge of the function and feel of the materials that can be incorporated in the designs including fabric and furniture.

Landscape Architecture: Landscape architects are professionals who work on creating beautiful outdoor spaces as opposed to commercial properties and sometimes even the complete home. These spaces may include college campuses, gardens, and parks.

The landscape architects are further meant to consider the design of pathways along with considering the impact on public areas. The main challenge of this architecture often comes from vast land to be designed and built on so that people who use it can benefit in the end.

Urban Architecture: Instead of focusing on just one building or a project, the urban design architect makes sure that he takes the challenge of building for a larger space such as an entire block of horses or a complete town.

The urban design architect needs to have a keen eye for the urban space that they are working with while also understanding how to include features including trees and shrubs.

Green Design Architecture: A green design architect has a keen eye for sustainable buildings and designs. These architects also consider how a building or a landscape design can negatively impact the surroundings and they work consistently to reduce this problem.

Further, green design architects also build homes and commercial properties. These architects work with a sense of understanding how 21st-century living can be for the environment and how buildings must be made so that the environment benefits.

Industrial Architecture: Industrial architects are focused on building facilities that fit industrial purposes including factories, retail units, testing centers, and government buildings. These architects also work closely with companies to build functional properties that fit their purpose.

Industrial architects also know how to get the most out of the space that they working with on a functional level. They work with a sense of developing industrial practices with each project that they take on.

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Why Study a Bachelor of Architecture?

A five-year Bachelor of Architecture is an unparalleled program that educates students in disciplines of architecture while emphasizing the role of creativity in architectural design. It is a program that allows students to understand architecture design, and historical, social, and even environmental contexts that help in engaging with technology with architectural innovation.

The completion of a Bachelor of Architecture at Chitkara University can help in achieving success in the complex and rewarding field of architecture as it is vital to hone core skills such as critical thinking and also gain a deep understanding of human topics such as cultural diversity. This is a program that includes a mix of courses including history, design, and drawing around the principles of civil structures, construction, town planning, etc.

In the end, students get a chance to learn on the job by doing internships at reputed architectural and construction firms from around the globe. Hence, after the completion of five years, the students become trained in paying attention to both the theoretical and cultural aspects while also excelling in all the projects.

To Summarize, the Bachelor of Architecture is the best option for students who are creatively inclined and wish to build a career in a field that is not merely lucrative but also offers deep satisfaction. In case you wish to become a successful architect then pursue this course at Chitkara University to become a well-qualified architect.


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