Scope of Mechanical Engineering in India

the illustration shows the two mechanical engineering students from chitkara university looking at each other.

Mechanical Engineering is the study of how heavy tools and machinery work. It combines principles of mathematics and physics to design, manufacture and develop mechanical systems. It is one of the oldest branches of engineering. In this, the students pursue knowledge about automobile design, electric motors, aircraft, and other heavy vehicles. Mechanical engineers design everything from batteries to athletic equipment and from automobile engines to biomedical devices. Mechanical engineering these days is not just constricted to traditional machines and their functions, it has many other factors involved and introduced over the years making it one of the most desired fields of engineering to date. Every aspect of our lives is impacted by mechanical engineering and thus the scope of this field in India and abroad is huge. Let us explore some of the major future scopes of this evergreen field in the article:

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Automotive Engineer

Automotive engineers design and develop vehicles and their subsystems. They work with high-end technologies to bring freedom of mobility to the world. They are involved in the development of trucks, passenger cars, buses, and off-road vehicles. Automotive engineers design new and modify the existing products and design and plan out the manufacturing process. One of their key roles these days is to analyse the energy, environmental, and safety aspects of the planned project. They develop the testing procedures, investigate the failure of the product, and prepare cost estimates and design specifications. The average salary of an automotive engineer in India is 6.2 LPA. With advancements in the job profile, one can get a specialisation in hybrid and electric vehicles which would be in high demand in the future.

Aerospace Industry

Another place where mechanical engineers are in high demand is the aerospace industry. The technological advancements in the aerospace industry are growing rapidly and thus the need for skilled mechanical engineers is rising day by day. They are involved in the designing, development, and testing of aircraft and related equipment and systems. Missiles, aircraft, spacecraft, and other airborne objects are designed by aerospace engineers. Their main purpose in this is to make prototypes of the designs and perform running tests. Aerospace engineers take part in designing and creating satellites and weapons. For example, they make sure that the satellite is able to withstand the force of the rocket launch. The average salary of an Aerospace Engineer in India is 8 LPA. With time they can specialise in projects like airframe structural analysis, flight tests, etc to advance their skills.

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Smart Manufacturing Industry and IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT consists of the network of physical objects embedded with the sensors and softwares for connecting and exchanging data with other devices over the internet together. The motors, valves, and pumps readily function through software. The software-driven control through IoT ensures proper operation of the machines even from a distance. The commercial PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system enabled by IoT helps in maintaining the ethical sense of mechanical engineers and understanding the importance of physical data in the field. This smart industry has helped majorly in the improvement of the product quality and asset utilisation of the companies. The average annual salary of an IoT Mechanical Engineer in India is 5 LPA.

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Design, Production, Analysis, and Testing

These are the basics of any mechanical engineering sector but are the most essential ones. None of the advanced technologies would work if these are not in place. Nothing can replace the creative brainstorming abilities of humans in terms of new designs. Mechanical engineers are responsible for draftingC the technical sketches of the machinery. Later the production engineers take control of the consultation and supervision in the manufacture of the machines and their parts. Mechanical engineers involved in analysis and testing are required to detect faults and come up with their solutions. Installation and maintenance of the machines are equally essential and to be performed with proper provisions and guidelines. The scope for all these sectors can never be out of order and recruitment in these sectors will always be open for mechanical engineers.

Research and Development

Every industry in this world has a scope for improvement. Improvement is the bi-product of innovations. Improving or engineering a current system in order to make a more advanced one is what research and development are all about. There have been a lot of modern-day innovations in mechanical engineering and a lot to be done in the future. As technology will develop, the scope of research in this field will always be appreciated. Some of the latest innovations and trends in mechanical engineering are Nano-electro mechanical systems, green manufacturing, Biomedical engineering, High-speed machining, Stir friction welding, Autonomous vehicles, Digital Twins, Energy Solutions, and Industry 4.0, Scramjet (Supersonic Combustion Ramjet), Beamed energy propulsion, etc. These research areas are where the current students can get into and do wonders.

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The scope of growth and career development in mechanical engineering in India is spectacular. Jobs for mechanical engineers are projected to grow from 9% to 11% by the year 2026. Chitkara University offers a 4-year Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering. After the completion of the 4th year of B.E. students have the opportunity to pursue a specialisation in automotive engineering with an introduction to Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles. Chitkara University offers the best faculty, infrastructure, and hands-on training to its students and prepares them for industrial exposure at the same time. The major highlight of this B.E. The program is to make students understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context. The top recruiters for mechanical engineers at Chitkara University are Mahindra, Honda, Renault, Nissan, Royal Enfield, Skoda, Apollo, Ashok Leyland, Piaggio, etc. Anything that reduces human effort is a machine and anyone who reduces the machine’s effort is a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and probably the most diverse specialisations in the field of engineering. With the plethora of options available, it provides a wide range of opportunities in different sectors, various job roles, and overall career options.


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