Is There Any Scope of Animation In India?

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Animation is a process used to create a series of images displayed in rapid succession. It is used to breathe life into still images and make them more engaging, emotive, and powerful. The job requires a combination of technology, art, entertainment, and creativity as an animator outlays a scene that draws characters and scenery while adding layers in a graphically rich multimedia clip.

The growth of animation and VFX technologies has completely changed the storytelling patterns which have further led to a boom in entertainment business. Many filmmakers, content providers, and production companies are now developing storylines that depend on special effects and animation.

Big movies such as Inception, Avengers, Baahubali, Khaleesi’s dragon in Game of Thrones, KGF, RRR, and Brahmastra were all produced in India. These are some examples that show how animation and special effects have always been an important part of content creation.

Animation Industry in India:

India has the second largest entertainment market in the world. The industry of animation in India is growing each day and is expected to run at par with the IT industry very soon. The prominent reason behind this is the diversification of media and mediums of storytelling. There are multiple production houses, design houses, and animation outliers backed by honest and curious consumers.

According to Statista, the market size of the animation industry indicates a growth of over 29 percent with the industry’s value amounting to as much as 180 billion Indian rupees. This figure shows that India is quickly expanding in the animation industry. In fact, it is now known as one of the most desirable locations for supplying animation and content services.

Scope in The Animation Field:

There are many job opportunities that have come up for animators in the past few years which has made this field a rewarding career in the animation field. Successful animators have a knack for creativity and they can become Graphic Designers, Game Developers, Character Designers, 3D Modelers, Layout Artists, etc.

Animators get employed by both the private and public sectors with a degree in animation. Hence, there are many job opportunities available for animators. It is safe to say that animation is a lucrative career in a competitive market such as the present one, the employment opportunities can be promising in a country such as India.

Some common job profiles after completing a degree in Animation are mentioned below.

  • Modeller
  • Background Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Character Animator
  • Special Effects Animator
Why Build a Career In Animation?

There are many ways why it can be helpful to build a successful career in the field of animation and some of them are mentioned below.

Creative Expression: Animators are experts in their fields as they have complete freedom for pursuing anything that they wish to. In addition, they also get to explore new tangents and scale milestones in the growing field of animation.

If you are someone who likes to carve out a new universe in your imagination then the completion of a degree in Animation can be a great step.

Artistic Freedom: As an animator, you will have the artistic freedom to colour your world with multiple shades and this will allow you to decide the artistic routes of your projects.

The artistic freedom is pretty liberating and also presents the challenges of being poignant in the field of animation. Your personal touch will help you travel the world and it will also allow you to gather more fans from across the board.

Networking Opportunities: On an everyday basis, there are many human resources required to pull off various projects. There are so many great minds in the animation industry that get pooled together for bringing animation to life.

When you become an active part of the animation industry, you will get an opportunity to network more with multiple people and get new job opportunities on the basis of temporary connections.

Flexibility: In case all the animation jobs are not as per the projects then the animators have the freedom to work on their schedules as well. It is possible to have the complete day and week for yourself while also working on the weekends.

You are required to complete deadlines and not end-of-day reports. It is possible to start at any time and this mostly allows you to pursue your passion projects on the side as well.


The field of animation has many job opportunities and completing a Bachelor of Design in Animation can get you prepared for many new growth roles.

The completion of an animation degree from an institution such as Chitkara University will help you in getting prepared to build a successful career in the animation field. Take the first step today and become prepared to work with some of the best minds in the world.


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