Is It Worth Studying Animation at Chitkara University?

Animation - Chitkara University

The animation industry continues to grow rapidly across the world. Students who are particularly interested in design and animation must work on creating characters and telling stories by using the power of design, modeling, painting, texture, animation, light, composition, and editing films.

The Bachelor of Design in Animation at the Chitkara Design School teaches students just the right subjects required to become successful professionals in the field of design. In case you are someone who wants to complete an animation degree successfully then Chitkara Design School is the best institution to make that happen.

Some of the reasons why we say that are mentioned below.

Career Advancement: The Bachelor of Design in Animation at Chitkara University is designed to help students bring characters to life because the characters are at the centre of all games, videos, and marketing campaigns.

The program offers students with the detailed knowledge and skills required to meet the standards of the dynamic global animation industry.

Skill Building: Another reason why the Bachelor of Design program at Chitkara should be preferred is that it offers the students the skills that are considered vital for meeting the standards of the demanding national and international animation industry.

The students can hone and change their multi-media skills into something that gets greatly valued and is sought after in the job market.

In-depth Practice: The Bachelor of Design in Animation degree focuses on industry standard technologies, animation, drawing, animation, and filmmaking which combine to make distinct aspects of animation.

Students pursuing the course can apply theories of timing, storytelling, motion, and digital technology for producing high-quality animation and designs.

Studio Expertise: The students can gain professional skills with many practical and hands-on methods that allow them to use the latest technologies.

The industry standard software applications are taught to students with detailed training that is focused on important trends in visual, digital, and special effects arts.

Program Highlights

ChitkaraUniversity is committed to bringing an important change in the growth of the animation industry nationally and internationally. Some ways in which this is evident are mentioned below.

Industry Connections: The University proudly has an extensive global partner network which is a result of student and staff mobility, research, conferences, practical training, and collaborative teaching.

International Opportunities: In the future, the goal of Chitkara is to ensure that collaborative partnerships improve the prominence of higher education as one of the most potential fields of study for students and academicians from all around the world.

Experiential Learning: With a detailed focus on studio practice, the Bachelor of Design in Animation encourages practical learning among students. The course includes an internship program with which students can gain a much better understanding of industry trends and requirements.


In case you want to make a successful career in the field of animation then completion of a program from Chitkara University can lead you to make your dreams into a reality. Enrol for this program today and start working on gaining the skills and knowledge required to become a successful design professional.


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