Complete Guide of Chitkara B.Des. In Communication Design Program

B.Des. In Communication Design - Chitkara University

The communication design program focuses on the study of the latest knowledge and technology focused on the future direction of visual communication and its practices including advertising, corporate branding, web design, graphic design, web design, product packaging, and more.

The students who pursue a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design can gain a solid understanding of subjects included in communication design across a wide range of media to further prepare for the challenges of an exciting and evolving design industry.

Students can successfully explore the communication that is considered important in the commercial environment and also learn how to respond confidently to design problems. Chitkara University is one of the best institutions to offer a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design.

In this blog, we will explain the complete guide of Communication Design.

Program Overview of Chitkara Bachelor of Design in Communication Design

The program of Bachelor of Design in Communication allows students to go ahead in the vibrant and ever-evolving field of communication design with a globally respected qualification. You can enhance your creative practice with a solid understanding of communication design tips along with the history of communication design.

Career Advancement: The program allows you to hone your artistic abilities and gain knowledge about color, art history, composition, and figurative expressions. The focus of this program is on experiential learning and critical thinking which allows students to go for advanced creative pursuits.

All students who enroll in a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design program will learn how to communicate and create products that can motivate, entertain, engage, and even educate people.

Skill Development: The program of Communication Design at the Chitkara DesignSchool allows students an opportunity for developing a skill set that is applicable to a wide range of visual arts disciplines.

The program also allows you to stimulate creative practice with a dependable understanding of Communication Design practices along with the history and theory of communication design.

Visual Learning: The Bachelor of Design in Communication Design program enables students to work across graphic design, moving images, illustrations, and photography and learn how to create impactful visual content with the power to inspire more action.

All courses in this program encourage a critical encouragement with modern practice that further relates to social, political, and cultural contexts.

Studio Practice: The program offers hands-on learning to students that further allows them to use the equipment, facilities, and computer software used in the industry.

The courses get delivered in a multidisciplinary studio with an opportunity to further work in a wide range of contexts including live projects, studio-based practice, and a collaborative learning environment.

Program Highlights:

Wide Partner Network: Chitkara University has many global partners which allow the students of the Bachelor of Design in Communication Design program to experience collaborative teaching, research conferences, and practical training.

International Opportunities: The program focuses on the goal to guarantee collaborative partnerships that further enhance the prominence of higher education as a field of study for students and academics all across the world.

Program Duration: The focus of the Bachelor of Design in Communication Design is on studio practice as it encourages practical learning and also includes a compulsory internship by which students gain a much better understanding of industry trends and requirements.

Career Paths After B.Des. In Communication Design:

The common career paths after completing the program of Bachelor of Design in Communication are:

  • Corporate Communication
  • Information Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Exhibition Graphics Design
  • Film/Television Graphics
  • Package Design
  • Logo, Identity, and Branding
  • Magazine and Page Layouts Design
  • Package Design
  • Product Graphics
  • Type Design
  • Publication Houses


If you have been aspiring to make a reliable and thriving career in the design field then completion of a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design program can allow you to be open to many career paths.

ChitkaraUniversity offers many opportunities that help you to experience many program benefits that further allow you to be successful in your professional career.


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