Complete Guide For B.Sc In Operation Theatre Technology From Chitkara University

B.Sc In Operation Theatre Technology

Operation Theatre Technology is one of the very few fields that comes with professional knowledge and courses. With the medical field becoming more and more nuanced, there is a greater need for professionals who are trained in operation theatre technology.

The study program of B.Sc in Operation Theatre Technology is a hands-on program that is increasingly focused on different disciplines of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Surgical Interventional Procedures that are performed in Operation Theatre. They include classroom courses with mandatory rotatory internships with industry partners.

Bachelor of Science In Operation Theatre Technology In Chitkara:

The B.Sc in OTT at Chitkara University is designed to make sure that the candidates get adequate expertise for becoming a part of the surgical team. The program is industry aligned as it prepares the technicians to be completely conversant with the functioning of the operation theatre that goes on in the Operation Theatre.

The students who complete this course maintain OT equipment and instruments while checking infection control practices and the status of sterilization of the OT while ensuring smooth functioning. A trained OT technician is hence the most important aspect of the surgical team.

During the duration of completing this program, the students can become experienced in learning hands-on techniques of Operation Theatre while being under supervision and learning more about pre-operative and post-operative methods.

Any student who is in the clinical phase of training usually works over 40 hours per week for 52 weeks while also experiencing work as a full-time employee which then enables students to become graduates and get prepared for a successful career.

Program Highlights:

The BSc in OTT prepares professionals for taking complete care of surgical procedures including the pre-operation and post-operative procedures. From management to assist in giving the right dose of anesthesia, the demand for trained and skilled OT professionals is growing with each day.

Industry Exposure: Most students can gain wide industry exposure with an open and engaging industry interface including industry visits, professional interactions, live projects, and internships.

This makes sure that the students master the demanded skills that make them successful in the industry of operation theatre management. Chitkara University has reliable ties with the industry and collaboration with Fortis Healthcare Network that provides students with one year of training in professional work settings.

Hands-on Training: The prime goal at Chitkara is to help the students succeed. This is achieved by making sure that students develop the skills required for becoming successful through hands-on learning.

The teaching is focused on practical learning, training, and workshops that produce professionals with industry-desired skills. All students who complete the program BSc in Operation Technology undergo a year of internship where they work in a clinical setting as an employee and become conversant with the new trends and best practices of the industry.

Employment Scope: The graduates in OTT also get wonderful work opportunities in surgical departments including nursing homes, trauma, emergency centres, ICUs, etc. With more experience, the graduates can be employed by medical equipment manufacturing companies and even development specialists.

There is an ever-increasing need for world-class healthcare services and most students are picked by transplant teams, orthopedic teams, gynecology teams, cancer units, etc.

Job Roles After BSc In Operation Theatre Technology:

The common roles after BSc in Operation Theatre Technology are mentioned below.

  • Junior Technical Officer
  • Operation Theatre Assistant
  • Chief Operation Theatre Manager
  • Clinical Instructor
  • Technical Associate
  • Lab Technician
  • Technical Associate
  • Junior Operation Theatre Technologist


The successful completion of a B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology is one of the best degree options for students who are interested in making a difference in the field of healthcare. This course is a middle path in the medical field and technological equipment management.

If you are one of these then pursue this program for a bright career in operation theatre technology management.


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