A Comprehensive Guide on BA LLB

A Comprehensive Guide on BA LLB

BA LLB is one of the most renowned and all-encompassing professional law degrees for students who wish to gain a reliable understanding of legal concepts about the social, political, and economic structure of India.

It is a professional course that is designed to provide a solid understanding of legal principles and ideas. If a student is interested in becoming a lawyer then one of the best degrees to pursue is a BA LLB.

In this blog, we will talk about BA LLB in detail to shed some clarity on the degree and the opportunities that it entails.

What is a BA LLB Degree?

A BA LLB degree is an administrative law course that mostly spans up to five years. It encompasses interdisciplinary learning of subjects including history, sociology, and a lot more.

Other than studying law and legislature, you can also participate in executing case studies, mock court drills, common research assignments, and some legal internships.

Mostly, the syllabus of a BA LLB course includes a wide range of topics that are a combination of arts and law with the general syllabus including subjects such as Human Rights, Criminal Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law, Legal Psychology, Political Science, Corporate Law, Cyber Law, etc.

Why Pursue a BA LLB Degree?

Enrolling for and successfully completing a BA LLB degree can help you explore different legal elements and systems in the world. This is a professional degree that is concentrated on providing a grounding of laws and regulations not only of your own country but the implementation of these laws on an international level as well.

Choosing a prestigious university for a law degree can widen your career horizons while making your qualification globally recognized. When you complete this program, you become equipped to handle the field of law and business in a global context.

Other than choosing higher studies post graduating with this degree, you can also want to venture into the wide number of career opportunities across the different sectors that finishing this program can offer you. Some of the interesting job roles after a BA LLB degree include that of a legal associate, solicitor, assistant lawyer, litigator, paralegal, advocate, and notary.

Why Can Apply for a BA LLB Degree?

There are fundamental prerequisites that you should know before applying for a BA LLB course at a university. Some of the eligibility requirements that you should check before the application process is started include the ones mentioned below.

  • The applicant should have successfully completed their Class 12th examination from a recognized Board within the minimum marks specified by the University.
  • The applicant may be asked to show scores from law entrance exams or any other relevant experience.
  • For all the candidates who belong to non-English speaking countries, the test scores of English language proficiency including IELTS or TOEFL can be included with the application form.


Completing a BA LLB degree will allow you to develop many skills useful for an intellectually challenging career field.

If you wish to pursue a BA LLB degree then enroll for this course at one of the best institutions, Chitkara University at the earliest and attain the best education.

The university offers a BA LLB program that is focused on creating a learning environment that inculcates a combination of managerial and entrepreneurial skills, a strong sense of social responsibility, and a deep understanding of legal issues.


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