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3-Year B.Sc (Hons.) in Physics, Mathematics & Electronics

Apart from teaching general topics in Physics and Mathematics, there will be intensive focus on preparing students for the exciting field of Electronics. Some of the basic fundamentals of Electronics will be covered such as semi conductor devices and applications, Linear Integrated Circuits and Digital Logic Design and VHDL. Some of the courses in the program will also touch upon embedded systems, IOT and VLSI Design.


The main goal of B.Sc Degree in Basic Sciences is to develop a deeper understanding of natural laws, inquiring about the reasons and logics which govern them through established methods of observation, modelling, experimentation and calculations. Thus B.Sc Degree opens a plethora of opportunities for further studies, research as well as lucrative employment opportunities across the globe.

The key advantage for pursuing Applied Sciences is that B.Sc graduates have wide choices to pursue in areas of research, technical and management fields. They have a wide range of options available in terms of research areas and can opt to join a postgraduate level degree program in their respective field to pursue further studies. Some students have also been known to opt for Non-science Master Degree Program in Management, Healthcare and Allied Fields.

After completing BSc. Degree one can get employed in non-scientific sectors in addition to scientific sectors. They can seek out for career in Research Laboratories, Government Corporations, Banking & Finance sector and so on. Apart from this, Science graduates can also find jobs in IT Industry, KPO and Allied Fields.

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