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3-Year B.Sc in Statistics & Data Analytics

This undergraduate degree program in Data Sciences & Analytics will provide essential training in Probability, Statistics, Mathematics and Computing tools for the visualisation and analysis of large datasets. With a huge interest and investment in Big Data
technologies, Data Analytics graduates are in huge demand as organisations pay attractive incentives for qualified workforce.


This 3-year program designed to prepare graduates who can conduct data-driven investigations, and conduct visual and advanced analytics by acquiring and managing data of all types. Through this course, graduates will develop an in-depth understanding of Data Science and the techniques for analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to arrive at solutions. They will be able to identify patterns, predict trends, and analyse data from sectors such as Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Retail, and Healthcare.

This skills-rich degree will provide you with the necessary training for employment as Data Analyst, by integrating the following components in the curriculum:

  • Methodologies to handle complex Mathematical and Statistical models in order to tackle real-world commercial or public policy problems in various disciplines.
  • A variety of statistical software packages to conduct data analysis and draw conclusions and actionable insights from computer output Applications of Data Science in Finance, Economics, Business and Marketing.

The program aims to:

  • Develop competence in students in the application of statistical techniques at a high level
  • Provide students with a sound knowledge of the principles underlying standard applications of
    probability and statistics;
  • Provide practical skills of Applied Data Science and Business Analytics to make well informed
    commercial decisions.

The program curriculum covers the essentials of Statistics and dives deep into Data Science. Some of the major component of the curriculum are:

Year 1:
Discrete Mathematics | Mathematical Statistics | Introduction to Computer Programming | Introduction to Databases | Linear Algebra | Calculus | Introduction to Data Science | Statistical Data Analysis

Year 2
Advanced Calculus | Algorithms and Data Structures | Data Integration and Warehousing | Visual Analytics Programming for Analytics | Consumer Behaviour | Machine Learning

Year 3
Simulation Modelling | Data Mining | Object Relational Databases | Data Science Capstone Project | Social Web Analytics | Advanced Analytics | Big Data Processing Techniques & Platforms,


Data represents a potential goldmine of information – one that can give businesses a competitive edge if they can master the art of gathering it, analysing it, and putting it to good use. More and more companies are using it to further their reach, boost sales, operate more efficiently, and introduce new products and services. Skilled Business Analysts power these data-driven business decisions. Graduates trained in Data Analysis can have a huge impact on a business, driving important decisions that improve operations or identify future opportunities that could boost growth. The professional landscape looks promising with:

  • Around 16,000 freshers were added to analytics workforce in India this year; up from 12,000 freshers in 2017. Fresher hiring has increased by 33%.
  • Analytics professionals with more than 10 years’ experience increased by more than 28,000.

Thus, jobs are abundant and the demand for data professionals continues to grow.

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst Industry Expert
  • Business Analyst Project Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Analyst SAS Programmer
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Data Warehousing Expert
  • Business Intelligence Expert
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Mining Expert

Some career paths include:

Companies who have hired our Business Analytics graduates for internship and full time campus placement are:

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