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Product design is concerned primarily with the relationship between products, systems and those who use them. The B.Des program in Product Design at Chitkara Design School inculcates user-centric approach and processes. Responsibility and concern towards the social, physical and ecological environments is emphasized in the process of developing innovative ideas.


Our curriculum acknowledges that no product exists in isolation—it is always part of a larger system that includes people, communications, and the broader environment. The product design program assimilates inputs in diverse domains such as human factors, cognitive ergonomics, form studies, studio skills, advanced cad, research methods, design management, materials & manufacturing processes & social sciences. Emphasis is on process centric approach which shapes a student’s education through participation and teamwork.

You’ll study systems thinking and engage in an iterative, multi-disciplinary and collaborative design process that involves human-centered research, observation, modeling, prototyping, and evaluation. We introduce current production and manufacturing processes as well explore new mediums and methods for creating thoughtful and responsible design solutions.

The School of Design has a well equipped analog and digital prototyping facility where students work with traditional materials such as wood and metal. Hands-on prototyping and design is possible with a range of CAD software and output tools such as laser cutters, 3D digital printers and CNC mills.

Some major courses for our Bchelor program in Product Design are:

  • Design History study in the context of Art and Technology history
  • Design Fundamentals and Design
  • Visualization/Presentation
  • Materials exploration for Product Design
  • User Research Methods
  • Ergonomics
  • Design Methods
  • Design Research Projects
  • Reflective studies on Design and Design Issues
  • Design Prototyping involving 3 D printing as necessary
  • Industry internship and design management
  • Collaborative Design Projects (collaborationsacross design and engineering)
  • Major Design Project and Thesis/Dissertation submission
  • Portfolio preparation

Design projects form the core of a product designer’s education, with gradual increase in level of complexity and cover broad areas that product designers are likely to encounter in their professional careers. Students are actively encouraged to participate in collaborative projects with corporates, social sector and government.

We prepare our aspiring product designers to design led futures and explores global trends, challenges and opportunities to shape the future. Our summer projects will focus on the enormous challenges that India will face in the coming decades in terms of population, health, mobility, sanitation, energy and ecology.

Our Product Design program prepares students for areas in but not limited to: furniture, digital and mobile devices, medical and sporting equipment, apparel and soft goods, industrial products and safety devices, and household goods and appliances.

The graduates from Product Design discipline will find career in Design Studios, SMEs, or large organizations across diverse B2B and B2C market segments i.e. organization dealing with services, infrastructure and amenities like water treatment, waste treatment, thermal management, building Technologies etc on one hand and companies manufacturing Consumer Durables, Consumer Electronics, Automotives, Personal Products, Craft products and Toys etc. on the other. Alternatively, they could also become Entrepreneurs by joining hands with graduates from other design disciplines or other professionals like engineering, marketing.

Eligibility & Fees
  • Passed XII (any stream) | CUDAT
  • Personal Interview | Valid UCEED scores
Per Semester Rs. 90,000
ERP* Rs. 10,000

The fees for any of the above programs is subject to revision.
*ERP: Only at the time of admission.

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