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At Chitkara University, we understand and appreciate the potential of growth in infrastructure particularly in the construction technology and management and the need for program, which are practice oriented. We have collaborated with ACC Cement which is one of the foremost companies in Indian cement and concrete industry to offer ME program in construction technology and management .

About ACC Cement

Course Overview

Construction engineering and management apply scientific and technical knowledge to the processes used to construct infrastructure projects. Graduates in Construction engineering and management are can apply their broader knowledge to the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry. The instructional program is highly interdisciplinary and aims at developing strong abilities to conduct construction engineering and management work involving basic concepts and principles, technical analysis, planning, design, and management, and the development of knowledge that positively impacts the A/E/C industry. The program provides the student with skills in planning, designing, and implementing construction processes and systems. The course offerings provide both a broad awareness of construction concepts and an understanding of scientific and technical knowledge to address construction problems.

Program Objectives:
  • To train the students with the latest and the best in the rapidly changing fields of Construction Engineering, Technology and Management.
  • To prepare the students to be industry leaders who implement the best engineering and management practices and technologies in the construction industry.
  • To continually work with industry to enhance the program’s effectiveness and the opportunities for innovation in the construction industry.
  • To conduct research to develop advanced technologies and management approaches.

On successful completion of the programme, the students will

  • Be able to apply theoretical and practical aspects of project management techniques to achieve project goals.
  • Possess organizational and leadership capabilities for effective management of construction projects.
  • Be able to apply knowledge and skills of modern construction practices and techniques.
  • Have necessary knowledge and skills in accounting, financing, risk analysis and contracting.
  • Be capable of using relevant software packages for planning, scheduling, executing and controlling of construction projects.
  • Candidate should have passed B.E. / B.Tech / AMIE in Civil Engineering with minimum C.G.P.A of 5 / 50% marks from the Government / UGC recognized University.
  • Candidate should have cleared GATE / Entrance examination conducted by State Government / Entrance examination conducted by the University.
Course Breakup

I Year
As beginners, students are engaged with the fundamentals of construction work process like
Modern Construction Materials
Project Formulation & Appraisal

II Year
The students are get introduce to the meaning of planning and scheduling of construction works
Construction Planning, Scheduling & Controlling
Contract Laws & Regulations
Construction Project Management

III Year
As the students are well familiarized with Construction Process and Management, they are getting introduced to the quality control & construction safety
Quality Control & Assurance in Construction
Project Safety Management
Project Phase I

IV Year
As they gained the planning & scheduling knowledge, management and quality control of any projects, they guided to do the projects with all the knowledge they gained.

Project Phase II
Career Opportunities

As every field needs planning and management, one of the leading industries at present construction & Infra structures also needs management department to utilize the available resources and plan to finish the mega projects within scheduled time. So the requirement for construction management experts is widely open. The most job giving areas for the CEM graduates are as follows

Design engineers in public Sectors like:
Entrepreneur Resource Planning – in mega projects
Inventory Control Manager – Stock Maintenance
Planning Engineers – Construction Concerns

Laboratory details

We have well equipped construction engineering laboratory for the use of ME students. We are having latest softwares and well equipped faculties to enrich the practical knowledge to the students. All the laboratories are being clean and tidy manner to provide good ambiance to the students. And we are use update ourselves as any new software arrives in construction management field.

Construction Engineering Lab

Since the planning is the key factor on the management aspect we providing the most popular software for construction planning such as Primavera and MS Project.