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Chitkara University in Punjab has been founded by Dr.Ashok Chitkara and Dr.Madhu Chitkara who have been passionate teachers for more than 40 years now. Since inception, Chitkara University has been different. Our students have been different. So are our faculty, our academic strengths and our outlook on teaching and learning.

Within a decade, most of our academic programs are ranked in top 50 programs in the country. The unique difference being that Chitkara University has been established by and managed by passionate academicians with the sole mission of making each and every student “industry-ready".

Build Your Dream Future with our Engineering Programs!

Engineering Programs at Chitkara University have been consistently ranked within top 50 of the country which speaks volume about our strong academic heritage, innovative teaching methodology and proactive industry collaborations.

Engineering and Technology Programs

Create Something

Start your career with our 5 year B. Arch program at
Chitkara School of Planning & Architechture

Our 5 year B. Architecture program allows students to tap into their creative talents, introduces them to the challenging world of building design and construction, and prepares them to become change agent of the future. Chitkara students develop critical thinking, research and analysis skills, and an ability to engage theory and culture with an understanding of how these forces work together in the built environment. Learn more about our B. Arch Program.

Healthcare Programs at Chitkara University

We create leaders in Healthcare & Pharmacy fields by providing programs that are responsive to the
market need, keeping in mind the rapid advance in the health care sector in India and abroad.


At Chitkara College of Pharmacy, our programs have been framed taking into consideration the responsibility of students to meet the demands of hi-tech pharmaceutical industry, at the same time ensuring that they confidently serve the requirements of patient care and pharmacy practice.

Learn more about Pharmacy Programs


Our 4 Year B.Sc Nursing program aims to create leaders in the nursing professionals by providing unique, innovative program that is responsive to the market need, keeping in mind the rapid advance in the health care sector in india as well as abroad.

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Learn more about B.Sc. Nursing Program.


At Chitkara School of Health Sciences, our 3 year B.Sc. Allied Healthcare graduate will attend classroom courses for two years and will attend a compulsory Hospital Internship for one year at Fortis hospital in their final year of study.

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Learn more about Allied Healthcare


Our 4 Year B. Optometry program is designed to provide you with all the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to become a qualified optometrist and prepares them for bright future in the eye care industry.

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Learn more about B. Optometry Program.

Real Skills for the Real World

Our programs in Media and Hospitality are built on strong theoretical foundations coupled with great opportunities for hands-on experience and internships in the best of companies. Embark on a career which works here and across the world


Our Media & Journalism programs are built on strong theoretical foundations supported by applied research into the dynamics of communication and the creative industries together with professional expertise.

Learn more about Media & Journalism


Picture This. You are managing a five-star hotel or resort. Opening the hottest restaurant in town or creating the marketing for an airline . Our students graduate with a broad business knowledge and exceptional network of hospitality industry contacts.

Learn more about our B.Sc. Hospitality Program.

It's your business to see that
business will never be the same!

Chitkara University's Doctoral Program in
Business Management(Ph.D) Specially designed for Working Professionals

Under the guidance of our Ph.D faculty, you will learn to build a program of research around today's most important business challenges and communicate that knowledge you generate to both professional and academic audiences. Learn More about our Doctoral Programs