Chitkara University Research & Innovation Network (CURIN)

Chitkara University is known as its strategic, multidisciplinary research. Within our extensive networks of centers & institutes, researches, staff and students across disciplines to extend the bounderies of knowledge.


Chitkara University has dedicated Office of patent facilitation licensing and consultancy that provides a complete handholding to its students, staff and faculty members from ideation to patenting.


Chitkara University faculty and students have win laurels for the university in various competitions held at national and international level. Chitkara University encourages the students and faculty to take part in upcoming competitions.


The faculty members are actively involved in various research project at national and international level. University provides full support in terms of applying for funded projects, collaboration and project completion.

Consultancy Projects

Chitkara University provides conducive environment to it faculty and staff to provide consultancy services to industries. The flexibility for providing services is supported by well-defined easy consultancy policy and 90% of the consultancy fee is paid to the project lead.

Upcoming events & Conferences

Universal Electronic Eye in Walking Guide - Device Embedded with Number of Ultrasonic Sensors

Device is embedded with number of Ultrasonic Sensors attached on hat and belt which tell the person about any obstructions in any direction and the message is delivered through earphones ,or if a person is deaf the vibration motor placed on a belt used to guide a person in which direction to move. It is portable device with battery backup of 4-5 hours and person is free to move as he/she need not to carry any helping gadget in your hands.

Our Excellent Team

  • Dr S.N. Panda gets Adroit Researcher Award in the
    International Conference on IRSD-2016

    Dr. SN Panda, Director, Research, has been bestowed with 'Adroit Researcher Award” for the outstanding contribution in the field of Education and Research, during the "International Conference on "Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development (IRSD-2016)" in NITTTR Chandigarh, where he was invited as speaker and to chair the session.

  • Dr. Amandeep Singh
    Electrochemical storage of hydrogen in activated charcoal

    Dr. Amandeep Singh, Associate Professor, Research proposal entitled ‘Electrochemical Storage of Hydrogen in Activated Charcoal’ is adjudged as one of the TOP-5 proposals from 700 global applications by “The Elsevier Foundation Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge”. Principal Investigator Dr. Amandeep Singh Oberoi(CURIN) & his team are invited to give presentation on their research work in 2nd Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference scheduled on 14-17 May 2017 at Berlin, Germany.

  • Dr. Nitin Saluja
    E-Deweeder | Smart Sensors Based Weed Control Machine (Winner of Millennium Alliance)

    Dr. Nitin Saluja, Assistant Director, Research, E-Deweeder is a Smart Sensors Based Weed Control Machine. It’s designed to control the weeds without causing any harm to crops. This machine is based on high-frequency waves to selectively treat the weed. This innovation is a chemical free, effective, reliable and Safe Solutions for weed control. This is a self-traversing farm machine with automatic deduction and treatment of weeds.

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Congratulations to the Winners of UN Influx-Global Hackathon 2017

Project entitled 'Paperless Erasable Magnetic Braille Slate' was presented in UN Influx- a global hackathon at CIS Chandigarh from 10-12 March 2017 and was adjudged as the winner w...

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Proposal entitled “Electrochemical storage of hydrogen in activated charcoal” selected in top 5 proposals in Elsevier...

Research proposal entitled 'Electrochemical Storage of Hydrogen in Activated Charcoal' is adjudged as one of the TOP-5 proposals from 700 global applications by "The Elsevier Found...

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E-Critical Care Unit | Smart Portable Intensive Care Unit (Winner of Millennium Alliance)

This project is to develop a user-friendly portable low-cost wireless device for a patient which allow the doctor to virtually maintain patient surveillance through the use of devi...

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